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JD Classics: Prancing horses at the home of the big cats

Normally you'd expect to come across a herd of big cats (or should that be a litter, or pride?) at the HQ of renowned Jaguar expert JD Classics, rather than a herd of horses. But today is a little different...

Finding four Ferrari 275 GTBs and a 250 GT California Spider in one place at one time is fairly unusual, at least outside the confines of a business specialising in sports cars from Maranello. But while JD Classics, based in Essex in the UK, is better known for its extensive Jaguar services (inspection, restoration and race preparation) and its large selection of British sports cars - just look at this video:

Video: JD Classics

All four Ferrari 275 GTBs were sold, in double-quick time, shortly after the video was made: interest in this icon of the Sixties seems greater than ever. Never fear, however, as there are other enticing automobiles from JD Classics to be found on Classic Driver .