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It’s always sunshine and sorbets with this custom Citroën Mehari

Bringing the good vibes and warm sun back to even the gloomiest of locations, the Mehari Club Cassis and Tristan Auer joined forces to create a bespoke Eden Mehari that celebrates the freedom of Southern France living.

Depending on where you are in the world right now, you might not have witnessed much sunshine. While there are lucky ones who can enjoy clear blue skies and crystal-clear waters all year round, there are some, like me, who feel the harshness of the famously bad Welsh rainfall more than often than not.

That’s most likely the reason why, as much as it pains me to admit it, this piece of pastel perfection from the Mehari Club Cassis and Tristan Auer isn’t the ideal Welsh commuter car, but in the South of France, it’s perfection.

For over 40 years, the Mehari Club de Cassis has been continuing the Mehari tradition with its unrivalled expertise, so much so that in 1998, Citroën entrusted the club with its original tooling, enabling it to reproduce Mehari parts no longer produced by the brand, equipping this band of enthusiasts to continue the legacy.

Commissioned by the famous Martinez Hotel in Cannes as a “courtoisie car” for its clients, Tristan Auer and his team at Car Tailoring created a unique range of Citroën Meharis called “Sorbet”, an ode to freshness and freedom, something synonymous with the way of life in Southern France. While each Mehari will be finished in white, each example will be treated to a different bespoke interior, naturally relating to frozen treat flavours. We’re thinking pistachio.

For complete ease of use and a nod to future sustainability, the team brough in Eden Mehari, who have developed an electric motor to enhance driving pleasure. A beach car needs to have an element of simplicity, and an electric motor provides that ease, allowing drivers to simply load up and head to their favourite beach spot. Our favourite part of this fabulous creation must be the seats, which are meticulously made to measure by a south of France craftsperson with a special hand woven “cannage” braiding. Elsewhere, the Mehari is stacked with custom beach necessities, include a cooler box, a handmade cork lifebelt and, of course, a Bluetooth audio system. Anyone for a Pina Colada?

Photos by Amaury Laparra