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How to benefit from the Classic Driver plug-ins

Since your listings are uploaded to the Classic Driver website, why not present them just as beautifully on your own site, with no extra charge or effort? Our tailor-made plug-ins can be set up within minutes…

Save time and money

With our website plug-ins, you can minimise the time you and your team spend uploading individual listings. Once they have been uploaded to the Classic Driver dealer area, they will be mirrored on your website. And the best thing is, it won’t cost you a penny.

Google-optimised listings

When we re-launched our website in 2013, we made sure each section was built with Google optimisation algorithms in mind. This means that Google can find your listings a lot more easily if you implement our plug-in – thus increasing their global visibility.

Modern web design with a personal appearance

A simple yet attractive presentation area for your listings is a vital tool with which to stimulate buyer interest. Our plug-ins fulfil all of the criteria a modern advert must satisfy: a large gallery of images, a simple yet engaging layout, and the availability of information at a glance. In addition, the layout can also be personalised in the following ways:

Corporate Design

We can adjust all elements of the plug-in (fonts, colours, backgrounds etc.) to match the existing design of your website.

Customised formatting

You can decide whether to have your listings displayed as a list or a gallery. If you choose gallery view, you can also select whether to display two, three or four columns.

Customised content

As well as being able to set the desired currency, you can also decide which fields (e.g. mileage) you want to be displayed.

Make searching your website easier

If you have a large stocklist, you can implement our enhanced search feature. This allows the visitor to find their desired result more quickly, by offering a free text search (e.g. ‘Porsche 911 Targa’ or ‘Rolex Daytona’) alongside our more specific search categories.

Easy installation through iFrame integration

Our plug-ins are easily integrated into the HTML code of your website via iFrame, through which you can also configure your desired width and height dimensions. The integration process usually takes no more than 10 minutes – ask your IT technician or get in contact with us for further information.