Hennessey Performance and the McLaren MP4-12C: Tuning releases an extra 200bhp

Hennessey Performance Engineering – creator of the outrageous 1200bhp Venom GT – has turned its attention to the McLaren MP4-12C supercar, equipping it with a host of modifications that boost output to over 800bhp.

From what we recall, John Simister’s 2011 driving report of the McLaren MP4-12C didn’t include the words ‘inadequate’ or ‘insufficient’ – quite the opposite in fact.

But Texas-based company Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) believes otherwise. As a result, it has decided to offer modifications which, in its own words, transform the McLaren “from mild to wild”. ‘Mild’, a 600bhp supercar…? But then again, Hennessey’s own Lotus Elise-based supercar produces double that figure.

HPE has conjured up the additional 200bhp by upgrading the MP4-12C’s intercooler, air intake system, ECU and twin turbochargers. The exhaust is an all-new titanium set-up with quad tailpipes but, interestingly, the company has left the brakes and suspension well alone, claiming that “the factory systems will be difficult to improve upon.”


One aspect of the McLaren which was criticised by some at its launch was the somewhat understated styling. HPE has the answer to this with its ‘Aero Package’. This not only gives the car a more aggressive look, it also offers greater downforce and incoporates larger air-intakes for better engine and transmission cooling. Rounding off the modifications are in-house-designed alloy wheels and an interior overhaul involving plenty of leather, Alcantara and carbonfibre.

Pricing is yet to be announced.

Photos: Hennessey Performance Engineering

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