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Heijstee Classics brings Ferrari and Porsche to a former Saab workshop

In Naarden, in the Netherlands, Classic Driver dealer Frans Heijstee has created a stylish and classic ambience for his traditional sports car business – in premises that were once dedicated to Saab. We went visiting…

From employee to owner

Frans Heijstee bought the workshop, with its 45-year history of Saabs, in 2007 – and had it converted into an attractive showroom for quality classics in his own style (a story in itself). One interesting facet of his history, however, is that from 1979 to 1987, this far-sighted entrepreneur worked at the same premises… as a mechanic.

However, instead of confining himself to Swedish classics, the Dutchman preferred to concentrate on coveted sports cars from Italy, Germany and the UK. Not only because of the financial returns, but because they bring him more personal pleasure. “In my private life, I drive an Alfa Romeo GTV and a Porsche 911,” reveals Heijstee. As a skilled mechanic, the entrepreneur is fully familiar with the potential pitfalls and always makes sure to buy only perfect originals or fully restored cars.

His own pub

As for the future of the classic car business, Frans Heijstee feels very positive: “There is a great deal of purchasing power around, among people who want to invest their money in classic cars. It’s an area that has proved much more lucrative than simply putting the cash in a bank.” This is something he discusses with his customers during a meeting in his own ‘British pub’. “We have really good coffee!”

The current stock on offer at Heijstee Classics can be found in the Classic Driver Market.