Fiskens: Race on Sunday, sell on Monday

Queens Gate Place Mews has long been considered London’s automotive paradise, its cobbled paving playing home to numerous historic car companies and privateer racing teams over the last half-century. It’s also remained the base for widely respected dealer Fiskens since it was established in 1991...

"This is where the greatest cars come to be sold" - Gregor Fisken

While many classic car dealers specialise in the products of a particular marque or country, the diverse array of machinery offered at Fiskens’ mews showrooms rather suggests a focus on the highest quality cars, regardless of origin. Pre-War Bentleys and Invictas mingle with more modern heroes, such as a Porsche 959 and a Bugatti EB110SS; and a strikingly beautiful Bizzarrini completes the eclectic scene.

Impressive back catalogue

However, as founder-owner Gregor Fisken explains, it takes a lot more than a pretty display to build up the type of reputation his company holds within the industry. “This is where the greatest cars come to be sold,” claims Gregor, “which means the very best of their type” – a statement seemingly verified by not only the calibre of cars in the showroom, but also the list of prominent cars which the company has recently sold. We’re talking DB4 Zagatos, works GT40s, and a host of sports-racers with histories woven into motor racing’s ‘golden era’.

In those days, the oft-quoted mantra was ‘race on Sunday, sell on Monday’ – and it’s certainly one kept alive by Gregor Fisken. As one of the few drivers ever to compete in all four Le Mans classes, his wheelsmanship on the track is held in as high regard as his trustworthy reputation back at the mews. Gregor’s recent racing activities are just as diverse as the cars currently being offered – in the 2013 Goodwood Revival TT race, he piloted an E-type shared with Peter Hardman. A few weeks later, he was campaigning a 997-gen 911 GT3-R in the British GT Championship, a car complete with full tartan livery harking back to his Scottish roots.

Long-standing reputation

In dealing with what the company considers to be the best examples of the most famous models, Fiskens is not only building on a reputation nurtured for more than 20 years, but is also securing its commercial future. “Given the finite nature of the market, there will be an increasing difference between the sale price of the best cars with proven histories and the more mediocre examples,” suggests Gregor. “The market has already moved into different lanes of performance, and in future the high end will pull even further away.”

Photos: Jan Baedeker/Joe Breeze