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Ferraris don't have to be red at Silverstone Auctions' next thoroughbred sale

In Association with the Ferrari Owner's Club of Great Britain, Silverstone Auctions has announced a single brand sale of sports cars from Maranello on 5th June, the National Ferrari Owners' Day.

If you think that Ferraris can be painted in any colour as long as it is red, please excuse our blasphemy and proceed to the catalogue for the upcoming Silverstone Auctions Ferrari sale on June 5 where you can find plenty of rarities in Rosso Corsa. For all our like-minded Pantone colour fan fetishists, please take a moment to ponder upon the idea of putting a 1974 Ferrari 246 Dino in ‘Nocciola Metallizzato’, an all-black 1988 Ferrari Testarossa, a 2003 Ferrari 360 Spider in ‘Grigio Alloy’ or the ex-Chris Evans 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia in ‘Rosso Vinaccia’ with a ‘Grigio Chiaro’ interior into your driveway. We think they would all look just stunning – and drive at least as fast as their factory red counterparts.

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