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Fancy yourself a Ferrari 550 Maranello? Here are ten of the very best

The love for early 2000s Ferraris is certainly at an all-time high, and while models like the 360 Modena and 599 GTB are the go-tos, we've always loved the 550 Maranello. Here’s ten of the best on sale right now…

Dubbed as the modern-day Daytona, the Ferrari 550 Maranello was first unveiled at the Nürburgring way back in 1996, marking the end of a more than two-decade-old lineage of flat-12 mid-engined cars. At the time, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo felt that the prancing horse needed to be a little more liveable and driveable, especially compared to the often twitchy and high-octane thrill ride of a mid-mounted Ferrari. 

Choosing your perfect 550 comes down to how you want the car to look while it’s parked outside your favourite bistro. Each example carries Ferrari’s extensive colour palette exceptionally well. The design has ripened with age too; while the latest and greatest Ferraris (excluding the Roma) boast aggressive, pointy edges galore, cars like the 550 Maranello ooze elegance and timelessness, much like the models that inspired it. 

Our selection of the best 550s ranges from a wonderful Blu Pozzi over tan example, right through to a vibrant Rosso Corsa model which looks a million dollars hanging out on the side streets of Monte Carlo. One or all are sure to catch your eye, so take a look below!