Dreaming of a green Christmas with these fantastic Ferraris 'all'inglese'

What's better than an Italian thoroughbred in classic British racing trim? Well, how about four of them? Niki Hasler in Basel, Switzerland, currently offers a quartet of matching Ferraris in 'Verde Inglese' and 'Verde British Racing' over Cuoio leather, that would make the perfect Christmas gift.

Compared to the rarther flashy international business hubs of Zurich and Geneva, Basel is a city that is dominated by old money and a rather discreet taste in cars. So it does not come as any surprise that the city's famous Ferrari specialist Niki Hasler, currently has a quartet of some of Ferrari's finest supercars, which are not painted in Rosso Corsa or another flamboyant tone, but in British Racing Green.

All four Ferraris – a 599 GTO, a F12 TdF, a 599 SA Aperta and a Portofino – are either painted in 'Verde Inglese' or 'Verde British Racing' and equipped with matching, tan-coloured Cuoio leather interiors that would turn even the Prince of Wales into a Ferraristi. 

Photos: Justin Schmöller