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Delage on a dime - don’t miss this brand-new Citroën 2CV Charleston

Aguttes’ Tour Auto 2024 auction is packed with collectible Porsches, but hiding among them we found this amazing, museum-grade Citroën 2CV Charleston. Take a look below!

The Citroën 2CV may never evoke the same childish glee that a low-slung Italian supercar does as it growls past at knee height, but the five million units produced between 1948 and 1990 did something far more important by making affordable transportation available to the French masses. It was designed for a rural existence spent traversing fields and carrying eggs, but at the start of the 2CV’s final decade of production, Citroën decided its country girl needed some glamour, and the 2CV Charleston was introduced. 

Presented at the 1980 Paris Motor Show, the 2CV Charleston distinguished itself with its elegant two-tone paintwork, combining black with Delage Red, harking back to the great pre-war French automotive marvels. Initially, it was meant to be limited to 8,000 units, but it was so successful that Citroën eventually made it a permanent fixture in their lineup. 

This stunning final-year 2CV Charleston is undoubtedly one of the finest examples remaining, having been driven directly from the dealership to its garage, where it was parked for 34 years. Currently displaying an almost unbelievable 24 km on the odometer, it boasts all the details you’d expect of a showroom-fresh car, including original new tyres, period fluids, factory labels and markings, an immaculate interior, and even the Antar oil can it was given on delivery. As far as collectible French automobiles go, you’ll struggle to find a 2CV on par with this example, so don’t miss out on Aguttes’ Tour Auto 2024 auction in Paris on April 22nd