Credit Suisse Historic Racing Forum: Members' table for racing legends

On the opening night of Revival 2013, Credit Suisse invited selected guests to the newly opened ‘Race Control’ building to hold an automotive debate. Sir Stirling Moss, Nick Mason, Emanuele Pirro and Doug Nye were among those who shared their opinions on classic cars…

'The 16-cylinder BRM was seen by many as their least favourite'

Right from the off, the discussion – involving racers, collectors and experts – centred on the cars worthy of a place in a theoretical dream garage. Of course, this prompted a healthy debate, with many chipping in with their most- and least-loved cars of all time. For the elder statesman of the racing track, Sir Stirling Moss, there are two cars in particular which hold a special place in his heart: one is the car which has earned him his most career wins, the Mercedes 300 SLR; he also holds back some praise for the Maserati 250F.

This was in stark contrast to the choices of five-times Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro. Unsurprisingly, the Italian sees his former workhorses as his favourites – namely the 1988 McLaren MP4/4 F1 racer and the diesel Audi R8 prototype in which he won Le Mans. Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason spoke of his affections for the Maserati Birdcage, an example of which is regularly raced by his son-in-law. He was apparently happy to find an audience for his numerous car-related stories, which – he says – fall on deaf ears at the family home.

Just as interesting was the discussion on the least-favoured cars. The 16-cylinder BRM was the choice of classic car expert Doug Nye, a choice supported by Nick Mason and several other members of the panel.

This served as a good example of Credit Suisse’s carefully selected appointments on the panel, with all members already familiar with each other and comfortable to express their honest opinions. The meeting is well worthy of becoming a regular feature for racing drivers at future Revival weekends.


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