Could this Bugatti Type 57 T be the successor of the Chiron?

As the Chiron is slowing being released, Bugatti designers are surely making their way back to the drawing board for their next model, but how will they top their latest achievement? Luckily, Palestinian automotive artist and exterior designer Arthur B. Nustas has already come up with something…

Futuristic 57

The Bugatti Type 57 T concept melds both old and new, using the Chiron as the base and incorporating distinctive features from the original Type 57 of the 1930s and ’40s. As with the original, the new concept features a low, sweeping, elongated bonnet, with triangular bonnet flaps that open to expose the engine, which is sure to be a hybrid, as that is the way of the future. The interior is still extravagant, with the traditional chrome being replaced with rose gold, quilted leather seats and interior door panels, and the trademark two-tone colour scheme still present, both inside and out. Although the concept is probably far too Space Age for Bugatti to even consider putting into production, we can still fantasise about getting behind the wheel…

Photos: Arthur B. Nustas

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