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Can Bertone make a return to glory with this limited-edition hypercar?

Legendary Italian design house Bertone have one of the greatest client lists in automotive design history. Now, 110 years since they were established, they return with this dramatic hypercar.

Miura, Stratos, Countach, Guilietta. Names that any automotive enthusiast will instantly recognise for their design brilliance and unique charm. Those four names are just a small selection of the dozens of cars that Bertone has designed, cementing themselves as one of the greatest design houses in the industry. Now, 110 years since their humble beginnnings, and under new ownership, Mauro and Jean-Franck Ricci have their sights firmly set on breathing new life into the coachbuilder’s name. 

The first in a series of limited-edition vehicle will be the GB110, built to remember the brand’s rich history, but also spark a new chapter, one that focusses on innovation within other areas as well as design. The GB110 has been created with sustainability at its core and will be supplied with fuel made from plastic waste, a significant innovation in the automotive industry.

“The GB110 is an immensely powerful car.” says Jean-Franck Ricci, CEO of Bertone. “What we are looking for is a strong acceleration and low weight for a maximum of pleasure. But at the same time, it’s designed for everyday use and built with ergonomics and comfort in mind.”

Only 33 GB110 examples will be produced and will produce over 1100 hp and 1100 Nm maximum torque, making it an exceptionally fast machine designed for the open road. It’s handling has been carefully considered too, and features independent double wishbones with 4 way dampening adjustment, allowing the driver to fully personalise and set up the vehicle to every possible use case.

Bertone is partnering with the company Select Fuel which has developed a patented technology to convert polycarbonate materials into renewable fuel.

“We believe that de-pollution will require different solutions with combinations of technologies. Plastic waste needs to be treated as a valuable resource. Through our partnership with Select Fuel we take what was once waste and convert it back into its original form.” says Jean-Franck.

By directing influential projects, Mauro and Jean-Franck Ricci have been able alongside some of the world's most prestigious manufacturers, such as Daimler, Volkswagen group, Stellantis and Renault, to name just a few. Now, they seek to build on Bertone’s vast knowledge and popularity within the automotive world to lay the foundations for a new path in their long journey. We cannot wait to see where the future will take Bertone!