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Bentley leaves no stone unturned in its quest for luxury

Wood is old hat – what you really want to finish your Bentley interior is a 200-million-year-old stone veneer….

Full circle

It’s true when they say that fashions go full circle. What would the caveman who invented the wheel have thought upon learning that in many thousands of years' time, Bentley would offer stone veneer interior trims? To be honest, he probably wouldn’t think anything. At a scarcely believable 0.1mm thick, the stone veneer is not as hefty as you might think. Using slate and quartzite stone hand-selected from quarries in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, Mulliner splits larger pieces, before curing and hand-finishing the veneers at the factory in Crewe, England. Available in four colours, the option can be specified on the Continental and Flying Spur models. 

Photos: Bentley Motors

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