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Become the ultimate city slicker with the Honda City and Motocompo

Forget your low mileage Imprezas, your unicorn Skylines, the real Japanese car enthusiasts know their money is best spent on this quirky city slicker!

The world is full of main characters and their quirky sidekicks. Shrek and donkey, Batman and Robin, Donald Trump and Twitter…. Oh wait. But perhaps the greatest pairing of all comes from the titans of innovation, Honda. Born from the dream of navigating some of the busiest cities in the world, 1981 saw the release of the all-new Honda City complete with its trusty sidekick, the Motocompo. 

Let’s talk four wheels first, and you might have noticed this example isn’t the racy Turbo variant, instead it is a simplistic yet somehow still insanely cool econobox, boasting 44 horsepower from its dinky 1.2 litre inline-four. This, paired with this example’s automatic gearbox isn’t likely to win any street races anytime soon, but the setup is ideal for what this car is so damn good at, zipping through narrow, busy city districts. This example is finished in a vibrant red, with contrasting black plastic accents littered around the exterior, making it somehow even cooler, emphasising just how uncomplicated the City’s design language is. Small car, big statement, and we haven’t even got to the coolest part yet…

So, let’s imagine you’ve dodged and diced through the city traffic, and parked the City in a pint-sized space a mile or so from your destination, time to walk? No chance. Head to the City’s specifically designed, scooter-shaped boot to discover perhaps Honda’s greatest product, the Motocompo. This ultra-cool device was Honda’s smallest foldable scooter, powered by a raspy 2.5-horsepower, 49cc motor that allows you to whizz through the last stretch towards your destination. The matching red paint and now iconic branding has turned this dinky runabout into something of a cultural icon, weighing just over 45kgs smaller than most suitcases.

Whether retro Japanese cars are your bag or not, it’s hard to ignore the City’s charm. It was designed with a direct purpose in mind, giving commuters an entirely new way of cutting through the city, and looking seriously cool while doing so. The number plate on this example might suggest some Supra-inspired engine transplant, but the City’s compact motor is more than enough for an enjoyable driving experience. What’s more, this one is something of a rarity, being in a great condition throughout and residing in France with French classic car registration, and also giving it the name ‘Jazz’ instead of City. With prices of Skylines, AE86s and almost everything from Japan going skywards, now might just be the perfect time to invest in the City!