Aston Martin Vanquish Volante: An Aston too far…?

It’s Wednesday, which – more often than not – means another new Aston is being revealed. New models now feel like a weekly occurrence, and this time it’s the turn of the Vanquish Volante. Are we impressed?

As the first-ever Vanquish Volante, the 183mph convertible will arrive in late 2013 – perhaps a little late for the European summer, but forgivable considering the fact that most will reside in balmier climes anyway.

Perhaps less forgivable is the insistence on retaining the coupé’s unseemly front splitter, with design efforts apparently focused on making the windscreen glass meet the fabric hood. It’s a neat idea in concept, but the visual effect is cancelled out by the frame lurking behind.

The latter is a necessary evil though, one which contributes towards the decapitated Vanquish being the stiffest Volante ever. Whether that delivers the associated driving benefits remains to be seen – that won’t happen by next Wednesday, though.

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Photos: Aston Martin