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Argentina and Italy in harmony, this is Pagani

Very few new car brands have ever scared the top supercar manufacturers. But when Horacio Pagani revealed the Zonda C12 in 1992, they took notice.

Horacio had intentions of building his own car way back in the 1980s, at the time he was managing Lamborghini’s composite department and soon launched his own composite company. In 1991 he would establish Modena Design to supply the demand for his work. With an agreement from Mercedes-Benz in 1994 to supply him V12 engines the plans for his own car, originally named the Fangio F1 were well underway.

Looking at the original C12, 6-litre V12 Zonda, it almost looks classic and simple in its design. Perhaps because now, we are so used to the later variants that had much more aggressive aero body work. Exact numbers are hard to pinpoint as many cars were purchased and used as donors to be converted into later specification cars. And as you can see by the marketplace, any Zonda is a very hard thing to come by, with just one currently listed for sale. To quote Ferris Bueller: “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up”.

If you prefer the Huayra, well, we have more than ten examples currently for sale in the Classic Driver Market Place. The Huayra marked a significant step forward from the Zonda, improving the original in all areas and that seven years of development really shows through. The Huayra is a phenomenally intoxicating car to drive. RWD, 720bhp, a twin-turbo V12 and steering to die for, all five senses are exercised every time you slide into that sumptuous interior. And if you’re wondering, its pronounced “why-rah. For us though, we still love the original beautiful Zonda C12.


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