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Any Ferrari 250 GT Lusso is cool, but this one might just be the coolest

We’ve been lucky enough to see our fair share of Ferrari’s achingly beautiful 250 Lusso over the years, but this factory-ordered Grigio Fumo example has a real party piece, and it’s going to make some waves as it heads to Broad Arrow Group’s upcoming sale.

The year is 1964, you’ve saved up a healthy sum of money, and so you decide to treat yourself. Perhaps the latest Oyster Perpetual 1570 from your local Rolex dealer? Or a fresh suit from Savile Row? Well, both of those are nice, but they aren’t quite as nice as this 250 GT Lusso Berlinetta. 

Rosso Corsa might be the obvious choice for your dream factory-ordered Ferrari, but thankfully for us admirers, some customers had other ideas. Ordered new from Jacques Swaters' famous Garage Francorchamps agency, Grigio Fumo is perhaps one of the most elegant shades ever applied to a 250 GT Lusso, a car that many regards as one of the prettiest ever built. However, this car’s party piece takes things even further.

With a press of the lock and a swing of the door, you’ll be treated to a masterclass in ‘business on the outside, party on the inside’, with Blue Connolly leather throughout. In fact, this is the sole 250 GT Lusso finished in this colour combination from the factory. As a product of the swinging sixties, we can only imagine just how cool this uniquely spec’d car looked as it cruised through California, where it spent almost two decades with the same owner from 1969. 

After receiving an exquisite 100-point restoration with the closest attention possible to retaining its factory specification, this 250 GT Lusso is ready to drop jaws once more, as well as being more than eligible to be judged at the World's most exclusive Concours d'Elegance events. This fine example is heading to Broad Arrow Group’s ever-exciting Monterey Jet Centre sale on 17th August, where we have no doubt all eyes will be fixated on that glorious interior!