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Another 10 classic cars to buy before it’s too late

As the market undergoes a small correction and demand for the affordable classic car continues to surge, we’ve put together another shortlist of sub-50,000 euro machines to buy while you still can, some of which might surprise and even inspire you…

Aston Martin DB7 Vantage

Some things get better with age, and the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage is one of the most startling cases of this in the automotive world, going from 1990s boring to 2017 gorgeous, yet prices have always remained at reasonable levels. In V12-engined Vantage form, whether you opt for the coupé or Volante, the effortless power and ever-maturing looks are sure to delight for many years to come. And if you can find one, even the performance-focussed GTA and elusive manual GT versions can be acquired for sensible prices, for now…

Bentley Continental GT

Towing the line between gentleman’s express and brutish muscle car in fine form, the Bentley Continental GT was instrumental in re-imagining the Bentley look and stripping the out-dated perception of the brand and its customers. On older models, it is imperative to buy the best example you can, as cutting corners will easily exceed the car’s value after only a few repair bills. Make sure you view with a cool head, because after hearing the warbling W12 at full chat, even the most considered car buyer could listen to their heart more than their head.


The big-brother 3.0, even in non-CSL form, may have risen dramatically in recent years, but those willing to spend time sniffing out a BMW 2800 CS or last-of-the-line 2.5 CS will find that the gorgeous Germanic shark-nose style of these pillarless coupés far outweighs the loss of engine displacement. And with a manual example, you can expect many miles of spirited driving ahead.

De Tomaso Deauville

With the tried-and-tested combination of Italian flair and American muscle, the unsung hero De Tomaso Deauville features a Ford 351 Cleveland V8, the same as in the Pantera, and is currently far more affordable than its exotic nature may imply. With only 244 made, these rare four-door delights are well worth seeking out.

Ford Capri

The Ford Capri is no longer the signature vehicle of the wheeler-dealer, and the looks and charm of these mini Mustangs are long overdue for some appreciation beyond the owners’ club scene. The purist favourite Mark 1 models, especially in RS guise, are on the rise, with even later models offering 1980s retro thrills, but take the time to seek out an unmolested, original example for the future.

Lancia Delta Integrale

While there may be no need to outline the finer points of these superb rally heroes, what is worth reminding is that, despite their legendary performances on the dirt and their poster-car status, the standard, non-competition Lancia Delta Integrale is still attainable. As with all mid-1980s Italian performance cars, there are quirks, but the joyous spooling of that turbo engine vastly outweighs them, and the window to grab a slice of the action is slowly closing…

Range Rover

While the earliest versions have risen well in recent years, there are many Range Rovers that are still entirely affordable, and we think the 1990s models are very much undervalued. There’s a reason why these were the chosen transport of royals and rock stars alike, and even today, the quiet cruising, practicality, and handsome looks of these British beauties are hard to beat at the price point. With myriad models and options available, be sure to consult an expert to make sure you put your hard-earned cash in the best example.

Ferrari Mondial

Time is a great healer, and while it may never have been a design classic, the Ferrari Mondial is slowly riding the wave of Ferrari’s seemingly unstoppable rise in values. However you cut it, the Mondial is a gated manual, mid-engined V8 Ferrari with added 2+2 practicality, even in convertible form, and with prices on the up, will fortune favour the brave with these baby Ferraris?

Lotus Europa

A mid-engined, British GT car with plentiful performance (especially in Twin Cam Special specification), the Lotus Europa’s incredibly low, squat design and boxy-yet-curvy styling has marked it as one of the more memorable cars of the period, and it still looks like nothing else today. Look out for the classic colour combination of the John Player Special edition, and as with any Lotus, due diligence and prior inspection is crucial.

Maserati Quattroporte

These wolves in sheep’s clothing are currently sitting at the end of a harsh depreciation curve, and even the sought-after Evoluzione models in both V6 and V8 form are available for far less than you’d expect. With finely ageing angular looks and real Italian presence, a good example of a Maserati Quattroporte is a compelling package, especially in manual form.

Photos: Millennium Heroes / RM Sotheby’s / ER Classics / Konzept Automobile / Samuel Laurence Ltd / Aguttes / Gooding & Co / Modern Classics Automotive

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