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Allez Les Autobleu! Ready to tackle the Mille Miglia with one of the event’s hidden gems?

The Mille Miglia is famous for its danger, its glory, its adoring fans, and some of the world’s best racing machines ever to grace the tarmac. This 1954 Autobleu 750 Mille Miglia may not be as famous as the Mercedes-Benzes or Ferraris but deserves all of the limelight at SBX Cars' upcoming sale!

There are races, then there’s the Mille Miglia. 1,000 kilometres of stunning vistas, red-lining open stretches and twisty and cobbled side streets all unite to give only the bravest of drivers and their co-pilots a taste of racing in something of a lawless dystopian world where speed is the only commodity of interest. March of 1927 would see the very first Mille Miglia Cup take place, shaking the Italian roads and its passionate locals. As the years ticked by, the race grew into a global spectacle, catching the glimpse of the world’s best car makers and their drivers, Maurice Mestivier and Roger Lepeytre being two of those caught up in the whirlwind of speed and danger. 

The pair made a name for themselves specialising in upgrades for Renault’s 4CV, which led to them creating specific parts for several manufacturers, building a reputation for their attention to detail and passion for speed. This success would make way for the duo to set up Autobleu, with their sights firmly set on bringing the fight to Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Lancia. This prototype racer is finished in French Racing Blue, with an unpainted metal interior with black vinyl seats. Built on a tubular chassis with a light alloy body developed by the aerospace engineer Marcel Riffard and built by Carrosserie G.T.R, bringing together hugely advanced technology for the era into a highly ambitious racer that’s unique shape allowed it to slice through the air with ease, and a little help from a 750 cc Renault engine.

The only Autobleu 750 Mille Miglia in existence, this incredible piece of racing history lined up amongst the greats at the 1954 and 1955 Mille Miglia events, driven by Jean Bianchi on each occasion. On top of those entries, it also ran in the 12 Heures Internationales de Reims in 1956, bringing home a commendable 11th place in class and 21st overall. It is reported the 750’s last known race was the Coupe de Belgique in 1964, meaning this plucky underdog had a decade-long race career, even in its prototype state. 

After its racing duties, the Autobleu was owned by multiple French collectors, where it has entered more recent Mille Miglias, ranging from 2016 through to 2018, and most recently the 2022 edition. Since then, it has been treated to an engine refresh, but its chassis remains entirely original and incredibly well-kept. If you’re longing for a taste of one of the world’s most challenging races and have some time to yourself around the middle of June this year – you’re in luck. This blue-shaded beauty, steeped in history and determination has already been accepted into the 2024 Mille Miglia entry list, allowing its new custodian to commence the epic memories almost immediately!