All go in Maastricht: InterClassics & TopMobiel show celebrates 100 years of Maserati

At last, there’s an end to the holiday inertia with the first European trade show of the year: from 17-19 January 2014, the annual InterClassics & TopMobiel takes place in Maastricht in Holland, celebrating, among many other things, 100 years of Maserati...

In honour of this important landmark for the Trident marque, a highlight of TopMobiel will be a display of 30 Maserati models to illustrate the illustrious brand’s long history. There will also be a special exhibition entitled ‘Pre War Race Legends’, which aims to showcase the ‘forefathers of Formula 1’. And yet another display will present the exotic film career of the Ford Mustang – with such exhibits as the legendary Pony Car from the 60s movie ‘Bullitt’.

Having absorbed the flavour of the show’s themes, visitors can then meet their automotive dreams in person, thanks to the traders and exhibitors bringing a wide range of classic cars, motorcycles and collectibles.

Photo: InterClassics & TopMobiel

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