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5 tricks that make your adverts more effective

Economy of attention works according to simple rules: interesting subjects, presented beautifully and in great detail, prove magnetic. This also applies to listings in the Classic Driver Market – so we’ve compiled some tips to assist you when creating an advert…

1. If selling a star, shoot it too!

You significantly increase your sales opportunities by using professional photos of your cars, watches, yachts and other luxury goods – if you require further proof, just look to the larger auction houses. Choose a simple, attractive backdrop that places focus on your product. Photograph all sides, and don’t forget the relevant details. If you’re not confident doing this yourself, book a professional photographer – the investment is sure to pay off.

2. Use high-resolution photos

Once you’ve taken some good pictures, don’t ruin it by uploading them in low resolution. High-resolution pictures are not only more attractive to potential buyers, but could also catch the eye of our editorial team – who might select them for use in an article, generating even more interest in your product. We recommend a minimum width of 1,000px. The ideal format is 1,000 x 536 pixels, which means the pictures will not need to be automatically cropped. We also recommend you choose not to use a watermark, as this will mean your listing cannot be selected for inclusion in our homepage slider or other prime locations on our website.

3. Describe your item in as much detail as possible

The more detailed and accurate the description of your item, the more the buyer will take an interest. With a full description, including details on the history and condition of your item, you also avoid repeating this information to each potential buyer individually.

4. Dare to speak English

Classic Driver has an international audience of potential buyers from all over the world. To multiply the international visibility and relevance of your item, you are advised to create the title and product description in English. Of course, a second description in another language is always helpful, too.

5. Think Google

In order for your listing to be found by as many potential customers as possible, you’ll need to optimise your listings for Google and other search engines. Include a precise model designation in the advert title, include a detailed product description in English, and name each picture in a relevant way. For example, if you have a 1979 Porsche 911 for sale, the image files should not be named ‘IMG_12345.jpg’, but rather ‘Porsche-911-1979-01.jpg’. Apply these little tricks to your current and future stocklist, and you’re sure to notice the difference.