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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

As Christmas approaches, so it’s time to turn your focus to next year and, more specifically, the cars you’ll be enjoying. If the 1,500bhp Bugatti in this week’s selection from the Classic Driver Market doesn’t float your boat, perhaps the 70bhp Landy will?

Ahead of the game

Bugatti turns 110 years old in 2019 and there are bound to be numerous events throughout the year to celebrate the anniversary. If a Type 35 is a little too old for your tastes and the EB110 from an era you’d rather forget, how about this stunning Ruby red Chiron instead? Offered on behalf of its first owner and showing just 400 miles on the clock, it’s probably the most tastefully specified example we’ve seen yet. 

Tour Auto calling!

If you’ve not yet found your steed for the 2019 Tour Auto, this ex-Sonauto 1966 Porsche 906 Carrera 6 might just fit the bill. It’s sleek, spartan, powered by a potent six-cylinder engine kicking out over 200bhp, and tips the scales at a scarcely believable 620kg. For the want of not doing the car a disservice, you’re advised to skip the countless indulgent edible treats thrown at you during at the checkpoints on the tour. 

Ahead of the curve 

When style gurus including Guglielmo Miani, key market influencers such as Simon Kidston, and influential social media moguls like Ted Gushue are recognising the exclusive Bentley Continental coupés from the 1990s, you know the model is due something of a renaissance. This stealthy black-on-black Continental T from 1997 is one of the rarer examples with the ‘vaned’ grille and cuts a dash with its sporty yet still impossibly luxurious demeanour. 

Back to basics

You can keep your Twisted, Cool & Vintage, or E.C.D modified Land Rovers – there’s something to be said for the working man's Series models, with their utilitarian honesty. This 1964 Land Rover Santana Series IIA has lived in Spain (where it was built) its entire life and is thus free of rust. It’s also benefited from a partial restoration, during which its Bronze Green paintwork was refreshed and a new canvas roof fitted. 

Bonkers for buck 

By the end of its lifespan, the Lotus Esprit barely resembled Giugiaro’s wedgetastic original. But that’s not a bad thing – in smoothing the low-slung sports car, Lotus kept its flagship model looking futuristic and spaceship-like well into the New Millennium. This Esprit S4 from 1997 has the 2.2-litre turbocharged four-pot engine fitted and looks to be in fantastic condition. For the money, we’re not sure you’ll find anything else quite as striking. 

Photos: Maxted-Page Ltd, Joe Macari, Lange Automobile Koeln, Sport & Classic Cars, Autoropa AB

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