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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

No matter the season, we’re always finding special cars in the Classic Driver Market. And we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t highlight them properly. These are the latest five collector cars we’d love to tuck away in our garages…

All show, all go 

Missed out on an allocation for the new McLaren Senna? Fear not – as owners have begun to receive their cars, so we’re seeing examples slowly hit the second-hand market. Though you’re facing a not insignificant premium, this looks like the quickest way you’re going to get behind the wheel of McLaren’s 800HP (road-legal) track weapon. This particular Senna’s travelled just 800km and has been specified to within an inch of its life – who else thinks this shade of blue works well on the spoiler-strewn, aero-led bodywork? 

Flat Iron 

In Jaguar circles, the Lister Flat Iron has a celestial reputation. Though ‘BHL 5’ started life as a Bristol-powered car, it was entirely rebuilt following a crash in 1956 and fitted with an XK engine and the impossibly sleek bodywork it wears today. It was not only the first of the Cambridge marque’s cars to be run by a privateer outfit, but it’s also the only Lister-Jaguar to have ever finished the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Those points arguably pale in comparison to the fact the Flat Iron was raced with great success by Jim Clark, who often told of how the car taught him an awful lot about handling. To conclude, the importance of ‘BHL 5’ can’t really be underestimated. 

Better with age? 

We think burgundy is a colour that’s patiently waiting to be uncorked by the car community. As fashionable as green currently might be, dark red accentuates the sultry lines of a big Grand Tourer such as this fabulous 1994 Ferrari 456 GT like no other shade. In addition to its Rosso Metallizzato paintwork, this car’s low mileage and manual gearbox make it a seriously appealing proposition – especially at its current price point. 


In the world of Porsche, there’s arguably one colour that resonates the most: Slate Grey. The elegant shade was immortalised by Steve McQueen in the opening sequence of Le Mans, when he drove the 911 S painted in the shade through the French countryside. Though not a standard colour these days, we’ve seen numerous modern-era Porsches in Slate Grey and, unsurprisingly, it works just as well. Just look at this 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, for example – a refreshing change from the usual silver, black, and red examples we’re more accustomed to seeing. 

Hammer time

When the Jordanian Royal Family ordered this Mercedes-Benz 500SL AMG 6.0 in the summer of 1990, it certainly didn’t hold back with the specification – no fewer than 27 individual options packages were chosen. Alas, the order was subsequently cancelled, and the car wound up in a private museum collection in Japan. As a result, it’s in superb condition inside and out – a true automotive unicorn that, at 89,000 US dollars, represents fantastic value for money. 

Photos: International Collectables by Edward Lovett, William I’Anson, Romans International, Sports Classics London, Symbolic International

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