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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

As we get older, we often find ourselves looking into new techniques to keep our image young, fresh, and relevant — such is the same with our cars. Each car from this week’s Market Finds has had a few nips and tucks to highlight its inner beauty, and they’re all one-of-a-kind for it…

Beautiful bandit

When Rod Emory and his father started modifying Porsche 356s in the late 1980s, a time when pristine, concours-ready classics were enjoying immense popularity, they were deemed outlaws. More than two decades later, 150 cars have been modified, including this lovely silver example, and the term has come to epitomise a burgeoning counter-culture. With just 1,000km and subtle body accessories and trim additions, this Porsche 356 breaks the laws of normalcy.

American transformation

After the success of the DB7 Zagato in Europe, the demand for the model from Aston Martin’s North American contingent was growing rapidly. Unfortunately, the coupé couldn’t pass the US’ strict homologation laws, so the marque decided to give it a makeover — enter the DB American Roadster 1 (DB AR1). Of the 99 built, one of which being this super silver example, all were open-top roadsters with no hood or roof covering, just a simple rain cover. Perfect for the sunny climes of California and Florida.

Inner wild child

How can you not go topless on the beaches of Monaco and the south of France? After a jaunt around Monaco in fully fixed wardrobe — top, side panels, and all — this Range Rover Suffix A was saved from future embarrassment when it was finally transformed into its true self, with new alloy panels, a removable hood and front doors, and drop-down windows. For those wild at heart, there’s no better way to have some uninhibited fun.

Restored troublemaker

Who doesn’t love a story of a fallen hero finding purpose again after years of abandonment? Such is the story of this BMW 2002 Turbo. While its early years have been marked with neglect, the car has recently been brought back to life with a little bit of love and a complete restoration. With full restoration documentation on file, including communication with BMW, this 2002 is more than ready to rule the roads once more. 

Design double-take

When you hear that the creative director and art editors of a design magazine are going to design their own Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, you’d figure — with all the options they had available to them — they’d pick a little more daring colour combination than black on black, right? And while at first glance, this example looks the opposite of what you’d expect from design creatives, it actually has subtle intricacies that make it more intriguing the longer you look at it.

Photos: Konzept Automobile / Houtkamp Collection / Graeme Hunt Ltd. / Invelt Classic / Jeremy Cottingham

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