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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

Whatever your taste, interest, or budget, the Classic Driver Market always delivers something that puts the bank account at risk. So, whether you want to be one of the first in the UK to own a Bugatti Chiron or simply want to stand out in a boxy 1990s Maserati super coupé, we’ve got you covered…

Skip the queue

Missed out on an order slot for the new Bugatti Chiron? Fear not, a spectacular example has appeared in the Classic Driver Market. The options list for the Chiron reads more like a telephone directory — with this ‘Nocturne Black’ car, for example, being fitted with the £53,000 carbon-fibre and leather interior, as well as the £16,000 carbon-backed sport seats. While the car is currently limited to 261mph, Bugatti is apparently developing a tyre with Michelin that will withstand speeds of close to 300mph. 

More than meets the eye

It may look more like a non-descript Japanese saloon from the mid-1980s, but the Karif was, in fact, Maserati’s attempt to punctuate the luxury sector. And beneath the model’s frumpy exterior, were actually a 285bhp quad-cam V6 and a sporty chassis that offered reportedly excellent handling. Just 222 were built, of which a small proportion is left, and this red 1990 model looks to be in fantastic condition. 

Mean in green

Everybody knows darker shades work better on 12-cylinder Ferraris. Take this Verde Pino 365 GT/4 Berlinetta Boxer that’s currently for sale in Germany, for example. The gorgeous shade, surprisingly, accentuates the svelte and unobtrusive bodywork. And the immaculate tan interior is just as inviting. 

An M3 alternative?

If BMW’s ‘M’ car image is not to your taste, perhaps this 1987 Alpina C2 could fill the Bavarian void in your garage? One of just 159 built (making it far rarer than the BMW E30), the Alpina was based on the 325i and fitted with a raft of below-the-skin upgrades to turn the family saloon into a fully-fledged sports car. These included boring the engine out to 2.7 litres and fitting Mahle pistons, new cams, and a gas-flowed head. Add a deep-chin spoiler and some tasteful pinstriping, and you’ve got yourself a proper ‘Q’ car. 

Truly ballistic 

If, for whatever reason, you’d feel more comfortable travelling to work in a car that is both bullet and bomb proof, then this 2014 Mercedes-Benz G500 Guard is just the ticket. The best bit about this example is that, from the outside, it’s nearly indistinguishable from the standard ones So, not only will you be able to traverse London in total peace of mind, but you’ll also fit right in while you’re at it. 

Photos: Romans International Ltd / Galeria Vintage by ZaschCar / Modena Motorsport GmbH / ChromeCars / Mechatronik Trade

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