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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

We bring you an eclectic mix of classic masterpieces this week, with offerings like an incredibly vibrant drop-top Porsche, one of Mercedes-Benz’s finest finished in a bang-on-trend colour combo, and the perfect Range Rover to use in an emergency…

Shark-Nosed Seductress

Nowadays, BMW are on a relentless drive to be the leading force in sustainability for the industry, but in the 1970s, the cars BMW produced were a far cry from the XMs, M4s and X2s they produce today. A standout of the bunch during the 1970s was the E12, a refined yet agile saloon that oozed charm and style, something which caught the eye of Mr Burkhard Bovensiepen, who was busy preparing cars under his newly-founded tuning house, Alpina. 

The true origins of this emerald shaded E12, now sporting plenty of Alpina goodness, are unclear, as during this time, many of Alpina's clients were mixed between those that had purchased cars in the showroom or had requested the Alpina accessories after taking ownership. The fact is, although this may not be a true 100% original Alpina, its unique styling and incredible colour combination make it a guaranteed head turner when out on the road.




Here Comes the Cavalry!

Usually found perched up on the side of Britain’s motorways or B-roads during the late 1970s, we were surprised to find it wasn’t just the UK’s thin blue line that caught even the fastest of criminals in a pursuit-ready Range Rover, but also the National Police Service of The Netherlands, too. 

With its commanding presence both on and off the road, the Range Rover was formidable rival to even the fastest of getaway cars, allowing officers to tackle the harshest terrain in the name of the law. Once apprehended, at least the perps could enjoy a relaxing ride back to the station on those spongy tan leather seats! This example remains in remarkable condition throughout, and even includes period correct props from the National Police. 




Sweet Like Chocolate

Ageing like a fine wine and finished in a wonderfully on-trend colour combination, this Mercedes-Benz R129 might just be one of our Market Finds standouts of 2024 so far. First launched way back in 1989, and remaining in production for a staggering 12 years, this era of SL seems to look better and better as the years roll by.

The colour, a rare shade known as Marron Nutria Metallic, was refinished in 2022, and compliments the exterior styling and peak-1990s design perfectly, not to mention when paired with the leather colour known as ‘Brazil’. If you’re in the market for the perfect summer cruiser that oozes understated style and glamour, look no further. You’ll just have to be quick to snap this brown beauty up!





If you’re a life-long fan of the Swedish homeware store, and just so happen to be a lover of classic Porsche 911s, we’ve found the perfect match. This colourful (or färgrik as they say in Sweden) 1983 Porsche 911 "G" SC Cabrio boasts the punchy 3.0-litre engine, one that was made famous for its achievements in many disciplines of motorsport and rallying. 

Now rocking a Speed Yellow exterior and a rich blue interior following a restoration in 2018, this example has been treated to a number of enhancements under the rear bonnet, including sharp camshafts and a sport exhaust system from JP Gruppe. The best part? It has covered a mere 6,140 kilometres from new, making it a unique Cabrio that’s more than capable of a cross-continental trip or two!




Surf’s Up 

The era from which the VW Beach Buggy originated is truly a moment in time we’ll likely never experience again. During the 1960s, when the waves were huge and the hair was long, eager surfers were desperate to give their Volkswagen Beetles a touch of personality while making them more suited to being loaded up with surfboards and beers. 

The 1970s became the Buggy’s heyday, with thousands being made by Volkswagen themselves, and shops appearing around the world to customise them further, which is where this Porsche 356-powered buggy comes in. A true time capsule, this example still features a hand-painted roof that was done in the 1970s, with the period-fitted 70 horsepower Porsche 356 motor still hanging out the rear. To add to its uniqueness, the wheels are painted in the same shade used on the Lamborghini Miura. Need we say anything more?