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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

It’s our favourite time of the week, a chance to grab a refreshment of your choice and take a closer look at some of the coolest classics and collector cars we’ve stumbled upon from the thousands of cars on the Classic Driver Market!

The finest 906 from 1966

Porsche was a dominant force in the motorsport world during the 1950s and early into the decade that followed, mostly thanks to the brand’s mighty 904 that blew away the competition in the below 2-litre GT classes. For some, after dominance comes stability, with perhaps a hint of complacency, but Porsche wasn’t interested in winning just one class. They wanted them all. 

The 906 debuted at the 1966 24 Hours of Daytona, where it finished in 6th place overall and won the Sports 2.0-litre class. These victories continued for the 906, fending off rivals at some of the world’s greatest circuits, from Sebring to Spa. So much of Porsche’s racing success is owed to the 906, and of the 65 built, just 40 exist today, making this very well preserved and sorted example from Schaltkulisse a golden opportunity to experience a piece of racing history. 




Patina Perfection

Sure, it’s always nice to see mirror-finished paintwork and expertly reupholstered materials on some of the world’s finest classic cars, but there is arguably something far more appealing about those few whose patina has been left untouched to showcase their history for the world to admire, something this Aston Martin DB2/4 from DriverSource perfectly represents.

One of 565 Mark I models produced, this DB2/4 was treated to a $65,000 mechanical overhaul, prepping the car for multiple road rally events with upgraded suspension and cooling, and not to mention a healthy amount of power over the original engine. Perhaps the coolest aspect of this British bruiser, though, is the fact the exterior has been left in ‘as discovered’ condition, proudly wearing its dents and scratches for the world to see and admire!




Mangusta & Magnolias

While we all may instantly think of the Pantera when the name De Tomaso gets brought up, it’s cars like the Mangusta that deserve just as much admiration. It was originally designed for Iso by Giorgetto Giugiario at Ghia, but after rejecting the design for use on with their upcoming models, De Tomaso took the opportunity to produce a sports car that blended gorgeous Italian styling with a monstrous, race-derived American motor from Ford.

The name, meaning mongoose in English, is one that has always intrigued us. The story goes that De Tomaso chose the name to show his intent of taking on Carroll Shelby's Cobra, after all, the mongoose is supposedly the only animal that will take on a cobra snake in the wild and win. It was something Shelby didn't necessarily think would come to fruition, but as they say, any competition is good competition! This stunning example, finished in a striking red, is heading to RM Sotheby’s upcoming Monaco sale, complete with various other De Tomaso models.




Unreal Montreal

Green over Tan, Silver over Blue, Brown over Beige, however you like your classic, we’re almost certain that, regardless of spec, it won’t be as eye catching as this blue, blue and more blue 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal from Automobilia Franco Lembo.

Designed by the maestro himself, Marcello Gandini, who we sadly lost this week, the Montreal is perhaps one of Alfa Romeo’s greatest creations in a multi-decade-long line-up. Covering 55,600 kilometres since 1972, this striking example has been enjoyed to its fullest by the four previous owners, each one maintaining the car to an extremely high standard, leaving it now as a perfectly usable and fantastic driver’s car ready for a new adventure. 




Benz of Paradise

If you’ve ever looked at a Mercedes-Benz 220 A Cabriolet and felt it needed even more style (if that’s even possible), you’re in luck. It was created by Japanese artist Hiro Yamagata, whose artwork includes everything from huge oil paintings, to tiny sculptures, and just about everything in between, but it’s his “Earthly Paradise” series that naturally caught our eye. Using the glorious drop-top Mercedes as a canvas, Yamagata initally planned a staggering twenty-four car series, to which this example from Fantasy Junction belongs.

This piece of rolling art features a vibrant parrot that stretches along the front arches and bonnet, surrounded by incredibly detailed foliage. Wherever you look, at every angle, the artwork draws you in, and is most certainly a car that would turn heads as it cruises down the streets!