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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

Just like dipping your hand into a bag of pick’n’mix sweets, you never know what the Classic Driver Market might present. It's an ever-changing landscape of weird and wonderful collector cars waiting to be discovered, so here's what we found this week!

Timeless Teardrop 

As each year passes, there are some cars that seem to go against convention by ageing backwards. Trends come and go, and designers adapt quickly to ensure their latest models keep up with a demanding market, but there are some cars that throw the rulebook out the window, cars like the Citroën SM.

Penned in-house by Citroën's chief designer Robert Operon, the SM continued a family legacy of effortless style from both the DS and the Maserati Mistral. If seen from above, the SM resembles a teardrop, with a wide front track tapering to a narrower rear, something few other cars have ever successfully pulled off. Now a cult classic, and a highly capable and enjoyable grand tourer, the SM is truly in a class of its own. 




Suits you, Sir

As the F1 and wider news outlets frenzy around the rumours that Sir Lewis Hamilton will make a shock move to Ferrari in 2025, we came across a car from the legendary driver’s earlier years in the sport: Lewis' very own 2012 McLaren MP4-12C. 

The origins of McLaren’s first step back into the world of road cars stems way back to the early 2000s, and after years of development and collaboration, the MP4-12C was launched in September 2009, with then-McLaren driver Sir Lewis Hamilton among the first to get their hands on the configurator. He opted for Volcano Red paint, with a striking Harissa Red leather interior to match, making for quite the statement as he cruised through the streets of Monaco. As one of the world’s greatest drivers, with more accolades than just about any other hot shoe in history, this is a unique chance to own a piece of Hamilton memorabilia that extends further than just his racing triumphs!





It’s rare that we at Classic Driver get to talk about Toyota’s legendary AE86. Not because we don’t want to (trust us, we adore these cars), but rather mostly because it’s so uncommon to see a completely original example such as this 1987 Levin GT from 79 Retro Garage.

A car that epitomises simplicity and fun in equal measure, the AE86 is often regarded as one of the most balanced and enjoyable driver’s cars out there, made famous for its catalogues of tuning upgrades and diversity. Time attacks, drifting, rallying, street racing, touring car championships: you name it, the AE86 did it, and did it well. This example has enjoyed a comprehensive restoration, and is arguably cleaner than the day it rolled off the assembly line. Try finding another like this one!




Smoking Hot

In 1997, this Porsche 911 GT1 visited some of the world’s greatest race circuits. One of only 9 factory-built ‘customer’ cars, this Malboro-liveried GT1 saw its fair share of competition, and has now been fully restored back to its former glory. 

Perhaps even more impressive, though, is the fact this high-downforce, outrageously-styled and fire-spitting Le Mans racer is now UK road-registered, meaning you can head to your local supermarket while on your way to lap the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit. Talk about a car that turns heads…




Ahead of its time

The 1960s really was the golden-era of forward-thinking designers and engineers collaborating based purely on the love of innovation. The OSI Ford 20 M TS is a product of such collaboration, one between, you guessed it, OSI and Ford. 

Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the creator of automotive legends like BMW’s M1, the legendary boxy Golf Mk 1, and the DeLorean DMC-12, he gave this grand tourer a distinctive, elegant, and eye-catching appearance. Giugiaro's design work blended Italian flair with a certain contemporary finesse, making it a true goldmine of conversation-starting features. If quirky cars are very much your cup of tea, this 1967 example from Mechatronik is certainly one to add to your collection, just be ready explain its origins to those asking what it is!