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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

In the search for the weirdest and wildest machinery with four wheels, we're bringing you all of the latest findings from the Classic Driver Market! This week's Market Finds is fully loaded, but which one would you drive home?


As the world grows another year older, and the Maranello factory produces more and more canard-toting, carbon fibre-filled, hybrid-boosted hypercars, it becomes more apparent that Ferrari's bustling assembly line was very different as the new millennium dawned, when the 550 Maranello was the brand’s pinnacle in grand touring. 

Looking oh-so beautiful in Blu Pozzi, this fine example from Autoclass proudly boasts the all-important gated 6-speed manual gearbox, providing an enthralling driving experience at any speed. The gated centrepiece is surrounded by arguably one of Ferrari’s best modern-era interiors, free of haptic controls and touchscreens, just easy to touch buttons and dials. We really didn’t know just how good we had it in the year 2000, did we?





While we all know the plucky trio finished in Red, White and Blue from Peter Collinson’s ‘The Italian Job’, we often wonder if there were ever any debates around other shades that could have been used. Ditch the blue for this vibrant Almond Green example from My Mini Revolution and you’ve got yourself some true Italian patriotism, not to mention a seriously capable and laugh-out-loud hot hatch from the swinging 1960s.

This Mk II example has been lovingly owned by just three previous custodians, and has been thoughtfully restored to its former glory, allowing the next owner to experience the birth of the spicy hatchback in its truest form. If you’re gathering a bucket list of must-drive cars, the original Cooper S certainly deserves a place on that list!




The drop-top we never knew we needed

Over the years, Porsche has created some truly exceptional cabriolets. From the blisteringly fast 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, through to the arguably understated 944 Cabrio, and every colour-coded Speedster in between, Porsche have danced the thin line between roofless beauty and performance with ease for decades, but there was one car that never got the same treatment. Or so we thought...

The 928, a sporty grand tourer that was initially intended to replace the 911, was something of a niche and its bulky V8 engine left owners who’d traded in their beloved 911s feeling a little short-changed. Now, though, just like the 968 and 944, the 928 is a true cult classic, and this example from Daniel Schmitt & Co is a rarity, having been professionally converted to a cabriolet by ZMC. It is believed to be one of only five examples ever made and offers a stunning alternative to the more conventional drop-top offerings from Porsche. 




Delta Blues

A grin-giver on the tarmac, and an absolute powerhouse when it runs out. The Lancia Delta Intergrale seems to gain more authority and affection from rally fans as each year moves us further away from those glorious Group B days. Sporting a unique shade of Derby Green Metallic, this example presents a far more subdued look compared to the typical Martini-liveried variants. 

Ordered new in 1992 to Austria, it features a very rare optional extra: a water tank, which is still in period-correct place. This option, intended to have its presence in competition approved, was only equipped to less than half of the production, around 2,500 examples to be exact. Parisian-based dealers Mecanicus are no stranger to a glorious classic or two, but this EVO 1 might just be the cream of the crop!




Mighty Mk 1

It’s so rare to see a completely original Volkswagen Golf Mk1 GTI in today’s world that even the thin red line of the grille is enough to set the heart beating a little faster. This effect is only increased with examples such as this from Gruppo Promotor, which has been carefully prepared for rallying, whilst retaining the car’s core character and charm.

The car boasts a FIA-approved Sassa roll bar, as well as OMP bucket seats, Sparco harnesses and an Alcantara sports steering wheel, giving you everything you need to attack those apexes. If you’re itching for some historic rallying in 2024, this hotter-than-hot hatch might just be your ticket to glory!