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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

As the evening light starts to fade, many classic car owners will be thinking of a hibernation period for their machines. We, however, stand to rebel against conformity, and encourage you to pick one (or more) of our selection to enjoy all winter long!

Pretty as an Aperta

It’s utterly crazy to think that cars like the Ferrari 599 GTB are edging towards the 20-year-old mark. Born in 2006, the Pininfarina-penned grand tourer was an instant classic, boasting sweeping body lines and an exhaust note that harked back to the finest F1 cars of yesteryear, thanks to its howling V12. 

During its lifespan, Ferrari treated the 599 to a number of limited editions, the rarest being the SA Aperta. It was built to honour of designers Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina, thus the ‘SA’, while 'Aperta' means 'open' in Italian. Ferrari threw just about everything at this stylish drop top: they squeezed the 599 GTO's mighty 661 bhp V12 and gearbox into it, while adjusting the suspension and chassis to improve road handling. Just 80 examples were made, and a mere 8 were allocated to the UK, making this RHD example one of the rarest prancing horses in the country, not to mention the plethora of tailor-made extras that were specified by the original owner!




One Rowdy Audi

Think of Group B rallying, and it’s very likely the ear-ringing howl of a fire-spitting Audi Quattro, hurtling down a gravel path flanked by a roaring crowd is what will spring to mind. While this golden era of rallying is the key to some of the finest rally machines ever created, there are few as iconic as the Audi Quattro. 

Audi made just enough, 214 in total, in order to compete in the FIA World Rally Championship, which the original long-wheelbase version had comfortably dominated in the early 1980s. Of those 214, Audi reserved 20 Quattro Sports for their own use, leaving just 164 to be snapped up at a then-eye-watering pricetag of 80,000 dollars. This shortened variant boasted Audi’s most powerful engine in their line-up, outputting 306 horsepower from a turbocharged 5-cylinder DOHC 20-valve engine. Of those minuscule numbers that were produced, even fewer were sold in Copenhagen Blue, making this example a true piece of Audi history!




Picnic Hunter

There are few vehicles out in the world that would have once been used to carry soviet soldiers through the toughest of terrain, but are now being used as the perfect picnic spot finder. Yet, somehow, we have found a car that exactly fills that brief.

The UAZ-469 Hunter has two great advantages. Firstly, its ability to conquer almost any terrain that’s placed in front of it, and secondly, when things go south mechanically, it is very easy to maintain and repair. This example has resided in Spain for much of its life and has been given a Mediterranean makeover, with quilted white leather seats, a Marshall Bluetooth speaker and even a picnic basket to the rear. If the Defender and original G-Wagon’s ever-growing popularity is anything to go by, we think now is the perfect time to get behind the wheel of this mud-lover! 




Flamin' Hot Flaminia

Cars such as this 1962 Lancia Flaminia Sport 3C are akin to those popular kids in school who were annoyingly good at everything. Effortless beauty? Check. Fiercely competitive? Check. Sculpted by artists? Double-bubble check.

One of just 174 produced, well-preserved examples such as this help to ensure the Lancia brand will forever be remembered for their ability to create automotive masterpieces. Powered by a mighty V6 engine with three carburettors, this Zagato-bodied coupé was one of the first road-going Lancias to break the 200kph mark, cementing itself in the history books as a true sports car for the distinguished driver. Finished in a stunning colour combination, with a rich tan leather interior, there are few better places to sit than in a 1960s Lancia. 




43 was built for Speed

The USA in the late 1970s played host to an era of motorsport where you could pull up to your local circuit, flip out a beach chair, grab a beer and sit in awe at the variety of cars pounding round the track. From Porsches to Pontiacs, Dodges to Datsuns, championships such as the SCCA gave those who wanted to race their best shot at claiming glory. 

Datsuns such as this 280Z from 1979 were the choice of many, thanks to their lightweight chassis and torquey engines. This example, still sporting a few battle scars from in-period racing, looks just about as mean as a Datsun can get, boasting bulging rear fenders and insanely wide BBS race wheels. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, did we mention the peak-1970s livery?!