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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

Market Finds is back with a bang as we showcase the five most jaw-dropping collector cars from the past week. Take a look below, we’re sure something will steal your gaze!

Gandini’s gorgeous Ghibli

We have to admit, all rational thought goes out the window when we see one of these stunning Marcello Gandini-designed Ghibli IIs. Sure, as an Italian car of the 1990s it will likely go on strike more than Heathrow Airport’s employees, but when your ride looks this good it really doesn’t matter if you get to your destination or not. Equipped with a firecracker 2.0-litre V6 that makes 302 horsepower, this manual-equipped 1996 Ghibli II GT boasts an impressive sub-six second 0-60 time. It’s rare too, as one of only around 2,500 Ghibli IIs, and just 166 examples of the 2.0-litre Ghibli II GT. Showing 85,750 miles on the clock, this Ghibli has been carefully and consistently enjoyed over its life, and looks like it remains in fantastic condition. Please, someone buy it before we do! 




Lightning in a bottle

The Sián’s outrageous exterior may have proved divisive when it launched, but there’s no arguing with the sheer pace of this 808 horsepower hypercar. This 2021 Sián is as rare as it is rapid, being one of a mere 63 cars worldwide and only 3 cars delivered to the UK. This example sets itself apart with its JPS-themed livery, which added over 182,000 pounds to its list price. However, the Sián’s real party piece is the cutting-edge supercapacitor that powers its in-gearbox 33 horsepower electric motor, which helps this Lambo rocket to north of 220 mph. So, if an Aventador is simply too old hat for your collection, the space-age Sián might be a good fit for you. 




Alpine Panda

We all know Classic Driver is mildly obsessed with the Fiat Panda, in particular the 4X4, and especially any of its many fabulous special editions. This 1987 Fiat Panda 4X4 Val D’Isère is a prime example, and we might be a little bit in love. The Val D’Isère differentiates itself with a plethora of extra features, such as a handsomely rugged bullbar, special wheels, an exclusive shade of Bianco 210, additional front driving lights, a double sunroof, and, of course, the ultra-cool pinstriping and Val D’Isère decals. Benefitting from a recent refresh, this example has covered just 60,895 miles and is ready to conquer the Alps with you behind the wheel. 




Dictator ship

If you have the keys to a few third-world countries and perhaps a nuclear submarine or two, this 1965 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman is the only ride for you. The ride of choice for dictators and A-listers alike, no car has ever surpassed the Pullman in terms of sheer road presence and luxury. A whole herd of cows sacrificed themselves to swathe the cabin in leather, while the majority of the Amazon rainforest makes up the acres of wood trim inside. Now fully restored and ready to make your local Phantom owners feel like paupers, this Pullman is the eternal king of the luxury saloon world. 




Baby blue bullet

We’re big fans of the Ferrari 360, especially when they’re finished in a colour as eye-catching as Grigio Alloy. This example from 2003 also boasts something we’ve never seen before: the Challenge Stradale’s rear grilled finished in body colour. It looks absolutely fantastic, and what makes this 360 even more desirable is the all-important gated manual gearbox. With the weight of a VW Golf and a 400 horsepower flat-plane-crank V8 ready to react to your right foot, the 360 is still a quick car by modern standards, and one which combines arguably the perfect amount of technology and analogue driving thrills. So, for around 100,000 euros, is there anything that beats this prancing horse?