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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

We’re back with another batch of jewels from the Classic Driver Market. This week, we’ve got some all-American muscle, as well as one of Mercedes-Benz’s finest modern-era creations…

Topless through the town, and the country

Chrysler first started their wooden station wagons back in 1941, designed to be the perfect workhorse for large, active families that need enough space when an inevitable argument breaks out. After the wagon was no more, Chrysler bizarrely took the same platform and made saloon and convertible versions, the latter being what you see before you.

Truly the flagship of the company, the convertible variant remains one of the most collectible automobiles of the early post-war era, and this Newport Blue example is a real gem. That rich shade of blue is complemented with Highlander leather and wool tartan cloth interior, which is remarkable to behold and was an original factory option! With spring very nearly here, we couldn’t think of many cooler cars to cruise in the sunshine in! This example is heading to Broad Arrow Group’s upcoming Amelia Island Sale. 




One mighty Morgan

There are few car makers out there that still do it like Morgan do. Assembled by hand in their Malvern factory using only the finest of materials, each Morgan that rolls from Pickersleigh Road is completely bespoke.

Even fewer are made like the AeroMax, arguably the brand’s most iconic piece of design. Unveiled at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, all 100 limited examples were sold out before the start of production, and customers eagerly awaited the arrival of their sleek machines. This fine example available at Thiesen Hamburg is one of only 10 that arrived in Germany and is finished in a fantastic colour combination. Based on styling alone, it’s hard to believe this car is only 14 years old, its looks are the perfect blend of timeless design with striking modernity. 




Carrozzerie Speciali

In 1947, Fiat expanded the 1100 range with an original, sleek, and sporty Berlinetta, of which just a few hundred were built. Out of the short supply, perhaps one of the most unusual was the Sport Berlinetta, created by Fiat themselves in their ‘Carrozzerie Speciali’ division. 

This green machine has been there, done that, and had the scratches to prove it. It is known as a ‘Mille Miglia’ variant, built in 1948 and has an extensive racing history. It went on to compete in the 1953, 1954 and 1955 Mille Miglia events, finishing all three, an achievement not many other cars can claim! If you’re itching to get some historic racing under your belt, this Verde racer is the perfect way to enjoy some hasty laps around some of the world’s most iconic circuits! Fancy it? It’s currently available at the aptly named Very Superior Old Cars.




Buy one, now. 

This might be a bold statement from us, but few cars from 2013 have aged as well as the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Despite it only being a decade old, styling among supercars, and even within Mercedes-Benz themselves has changed so much since then, some say for better, some argue for worse. 

The SLS AMG we’ve chosen is for sale with Classic Motor Hub Sales and is finished in the ‘classic’ combination, Iridium Silver and features a cabin that has been specified with Classic Red single-tone Exclusive leather and AMG carbon-fibre trim. Having covered a mere 13,395 miles from new and priced at £180,000, it’s hard to believe that prices of these 196mph supercars haven’t rocketed yet. Still, there’s always time!




8.4-litres, yes 8.4!

Often overlooked and underestimated against European sports cars of the same era, the Dodge Viper always has been a very worthy competitor both on the road and on the track. There have been dozens of iterations over the years, but this 2016 ACR Extreme is possibly the very best. 

Powered by a monstrous 8.4-litre V10 sending power directly to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox and a speed-sensing limited-slip differential, the ACR Extreme is built purely for the drivers, promising an enthralling drive wherever you take it. This example for sale with Andreas Wüest is itching to be driven, having covered just 7,058 miles from new!