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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

Tis the season to start planning your automotive adventures for next year, and below we have five fantastic collector cars vying to be your partner in crime!

Lumo lunatic

Boasting the colour scheme of a radioactive bee and the silhouette of a brick, we present to you this irresistible 1973 Simca Rallye 2. If you were a young driving enthusiast in the 1970s, something like this Acid Green Rallye 2 would be at the top of your dream daily list. Weighing in at just 860 kilos and powered by an angry rear-mounted 1.3-litre 85hp engine, this lightweight saloon would make for one hell of a back road weapon. 10 years ago, this example was fastidiously restored to the highest level, and the quality of its restoration is proven by its impeccable condition today. If you want an interesting and unusual alternative to the Alfa Romeo Giulia Super and Renault 8 Gordini, then look no further than this stunning Simca! 




Black panther

Some of the world’s greatest automotive wonders have emerged as the result of international collaboration, and this 1977 De Tomato Pantera absolutely proves that point, combining the best of American and Italian cars. Powered by a whopping 7-litre V8 and swathed in gorgeous Italian coachwork, this 395hp Pantera has enough grunt to send your local Ferraris prancing away in fright. This example was professionally converted to GT5-S spec in Germany and benefits from chunky Brembo brakes and a lovely set of 17 inch OZ racing wheels. Even better, this is one of only a handful of Targa top Panteras, making it a very rare sight on the road indeed. Recently serviced and showing just under 40,000 miles on the clock, this Pantera is ready for you to enjoy its 7-litre howl to the fullest. 




Cruise liner

With snow beginning to fall and frost creeping across our windows, you’re probably not actively searching for a Cabriolet, but sometimes we come across a drop top that immediately has us dreaming of warmer months, like this 1994 Mercedes E420 Cabriolet. Originally an E320, this example was given a heart transplant and now features a stout 4.2-Litre M119 V8 under the bonnet. The W124 Cabriolet was already a near-perfect cruiser, and now that this example is equipped with an eight-cylinder smile machine, we couldn’t imagine a better way to enjoy your local coastlines. Finished in white over a two-tone blue and white interior, this majestic Merc would easily steal looks from even the most impressive super yachts. 




Sa Majesté

We hope whoever came up with the idea of combining Citroën’s brilliant hydropneumatic suspension with Maserati’s fantastic engines got a raise, because the result was one of the best cars ever to be built by the French marque. This 1971 Citroën SM looks to be a wonderful example of the breed, finished in the gorgeous combination of Tropical Green over brown leather, we wouldn’t change anything about this Franco-Italian Grand Tourer. While the origins of the SM name are still murky, we think this example makes an excellent case for “Sa Majesté” as the correct interpretation, because time has shown that the SM truly is automotive royalty. 




Racing green dream

The naturally-aspirated entry-level Porsche 911 died with the 991.1 generation of their rear-engined sports car, so if you want to experience the ultimate evolution of the narrow-bodied 911, you’ll want something along the lines of this 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera. Admittedly, this 911 is anything but entry-level, boasting the costly and ultra-desirable Paint to Sample paint option. This example was finished in the utterly jaw-dropping combination of Porsche Racing Green over grey leather, making it an almost perfect Classic Driver-spec sports car. While it may not be a fire-breathing GT3, this 54,681 mile 911 Carrera’s more relaxed demeanour only adds to its ultimate daily driver credentials.