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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

A stripped-out BMW, a Pozzi Blu rally Ferrari, an Italian family wagon with a twist, a monstrous MGC, and a time-warp, limited edition 1990s Maserati – once again, the variety of collector cars for sale in the Classic Driver Market never fails to deliver!

Just add lightness

One Of the rarest BMW models ever produced, the M3 Lightweight was created to satisfy the request of US racing teams who wanted a version of the ROW-only E36 M3 GT homologation special. Homologated for the IMSA Firehawk series of the mid-90s with approximately 126 cars ever built, the ‘LTW’ was a true race car. Stripped of its radio, A/C, leather seats, tool kit, sunroof, and similar luxuries, the lightweight wonder was 91 kg lighter than a regular E36 M3 and offered a powerful, raw, and highly enjoyable driving experience. This particular 1995 BMW M3 Lightweight currently for sale with LBI Limited shows 36,584 miles on the clock, making it a highly collectible modern classic. 

Pozzi blue cars drive faster

Remember Jean-Claude Andruet’s back-to-back victories in the Tour de France and Targa Florio with Charles Pozzi's iconic Pioneer Group 4 Ferrari 308? Well, then you might like this homage just as much as we do. Painted in Ferrari's race-winning shade of Blu Tour de France and built to FIA Group 4 rally specification for over £270,000 by the specialists at Foskers, this light, fast and agile 1981 Ferrari 308 GTB would be our weapon of choice for the next edition of the Tour Auto or Modena Centro Ore. 

La Dolce Wagon

It’s no news that we have a soft spot for rare and quirky estate cars – and this 1994 Alfa Romeo 33 Sportwagon Q4 ticks all boxes: A timelessly boxy Pininfarina bodywork, enough space to pick up your Sicilian mother-in-law and all her pre-cooked dishes from Milano Malpensa – plus the "four-leaf clover" punch of the 1.7 litre, 16 valve boxer engine and an all-wheel-drive to get you to Cortina d’Ampezzo just in time for dinner. Only 600 Alfa 33 Q4 Sportwagons were built, making this car currently for sale with Gulfblue a collectible in its own right. If you are looking for an older sister to your Fiat Panda 4x4 or a family car with charisma and style, this well kept example featuring rare extras like air conditioning and a sunroof might be the perfect choice.

The Monster

This is not your average MGC: Equipped with Sebring specification steel arches, Daytona chrome wire wheels, a bespoke leather interior, and a wonderful vibrant metallic paint colour, this car dubbed ‘The Monster’ by its fearless creators certainly makes for a visual feast. The MGC is powered by a six-cylinder 2912 cc engine with upgraded performance provided by triple carburettors and Downton twin pipe exhaust system. If you are looking for something sporty and unusual to park outside your bachelor pad, look no further.

Exactly our Cup of Tea

Thanks to our friends at Garage Italia and Fuoriconcorso’s Project Rekall, 1990s Maseratis are all the hype now. Prices are increasing exponentially, tempting even the most loyal long-term owners to part ways with their garage queens. This rare gem is one of only 60 Maserati Ghibli Cup, a limited edition directly derived from the Open Cup racers. It has been with the same owner since it was built in 1997, and despite the tempting 2-litre V6 engine boasting 330 HP and its super-sharp angular looks, this car’s custodian has only put 27,800 km on the clock. As a result, this very well kept Ghibli stands out from all the dubious 1990s Maseratis you can find in the more shady regions of the internet.