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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

Usually, in Market Finds, we present 5 fantastic cars to choose from, but with a Ferrari 488 Pista, Porsche Carrera RS, and a first-generation Range Rover among others, this week we think we’ve found the ideal 5 car garage. Take a look below!

Lighter, lower, rather special 

Don’t let that brilliant Maritime Blue paintwork fool you, this 911 is anything but boaty. Porsche only built the 964 Carrera RS between 1992 and 1994 but, as with most rare sports car variants, it’s not just the low production numbers that makes them special. Equipped with a tweaked 3.6 litre flat six pushing out 256hp, a single mass flywheel, a close-ratio gearbox, and magnesium alloys just to name some of the upgrades; the 964 Carrera RS is without a doubt one of the best road-going 911s out there for the driving enthusiast. With just under 48,000 miles on the odometer, this 1992 example is no garage queen, but there’s arguably nothing worse than an undriven 911 and this one is simply begging to hit the road again. 


Funky French oddity 

Don’t worry, this 1973 Jidé had us stumped too. With a name derived from the company founder’s initials, this was Jacques Durand’s competitor to the Alpine A110. Don’t let the kit car appearance fool you, because while this was indeed available as a DIY kit, the Jidé sets itself apart as being one of the few homologated for UTAC crash testing. Not only is it relatively safe (emphasis on relatively), but it also incorporates many of the best hot Renault Gordini parts of the time into a sleek composite body that sits just 1 metre from the ground. If you hate the thought of someone turning up to the track in the same ride as you, this could be the car for you. 


Family heirloom

This one is close to our hearts. Customised in the 90s by Classic Driver’s predecessor, Car&Driver, this 1991 Range Rover features our timeless combination of grey paint over a sumptuous Conolly Dark Spruce Green leather interior. Upping the luxury even further, this example also features a Moto Lita leather steering wheel and Scheel Mann electrically adjustable front seats. Having recently undergone an extensive restoration and benefitting from a full underbody ice blast and seal, this Range Rover is one of the most luxuriously appointed and mechanically fit examples on the market. If the current crop of gaping-mouthed SUVs aren’t for you, then this could be your family chariot for generations to come. 


Ferrari’s V8 track masterpiece 

With the hybrid V6 296 GTB putting an end to Ferrari’s lineage of mid-engined, RWD, V8 track specials, there’s no better time to buy the final evolution of the breed - the 488 Pista. Draped in some of Ferrari’s best bodywork so far this century, and powered by a 711hp twin-turbocharged V8 that makes some naturally aspirated units seem lifeless by comparison, there’s very few wheeled vehicles that can match the Pista in a straight line or on track. This drool-worthy 2019 British Racing Green example has barely seen tarmac, with just 350 miles on the clock it's in dire need of someone to run it in. 


E for Exquisite 

If the Jidé above was this week’s head-scratcher, then this perfect 1961 Series 1 E-Type is the polar opposite. With bodywork that infants are likely to recognise before their own parents, this matching-numbers Jaguar will have everyone doing a double take just to soak in this big cat’s beauty. Featuring the flat floors and external bonnet locks exclusive only to the earliest of E-Types, this drop-top will leave you feeling like the jet-set of the 60s on your next weekend cruise. Benefitting from a recent concours-level restoration, it’s unlikely to leave you stranded in front of the paparazzi either, making this the perfect summer ride.