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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

The weird and wonderful make up our five choices in this week’s Market Finds. Bugatti’s first foray into the top speed race, an unusual three-wheeler, and a wild Zagato are all awaiting their next owner, so take a look below!

Ballistic blue beauty

A few weeks ago, Bugatti bowed out of the fight for world’s fastest car with the announcement of their Chiron Super Sport. Why not celebrate with their first modern car to wear the speed crown, the EB 110. Built to celebrate 110 years of Bugatti, the EB 110 used its 3.5 Litre quad-turbocharged 553 hp V12 and pioneering carbon-fibre construction to top the speed charts with a v-max of 365 km/h (227 mph). This pristine Blu Bugatti example is one of just 139 to leave Molsheim and is even more special being a factory prototype with just 680 miles from new. You won’t find another like this in a hurry. 


Venetian three-wheeler

Who could forget the Vanderhall Venice? Us neither, but for those of you without a thing for quirky three-wheelers, here’s a reminder. Intended as a more modernised alternative to the Morgan 3 Wheeler, the Venice was built to blend the open-air excitement of a motorcycle with the stability and comfort of a car, while retaining the impracticality of both. In order to tame the tail-happy nature typical of three-wheelers, the Venice features wider tyres than Morgan’s offering. To offset the extra grip, the Venice has been bestowed with extra power - 192 bhp of it in fact, which we’re sure is more than enough to break traction in a, er, vehicle of this size. If you’re looking for some summer fun, this 2021 Vanderhall Venice GTS could be it. 


Niki’s pioneering grand prix winner

Any car that has been piloted by Niki Lauda is automatically a piece of history. However, if you were going to be picky, this 1982 McLaren MP4/1B-6 might make the top of your list. Not only was this McLaren’s pioneering ground-effect car, but it was also the first Formula One racer to be equipped with a carbon-composite chassis, which you might say caught on. To top it off, this exact car was the one Niki steered to win the 1983 British GP at Brands Hatch. Now recently restored, we can’t think of a sweeter slice of racing glory. 


Long, low, and green — clearly a Lambo!

With a side-profile not unlike that of its namesake, the sword-like Espada has aged remarkably well and is among Lamborghini’s greatest grand tourers. While it may not be quite as agile as the name suggests, the orchestral sound of the V12 upfront accompanied by that luxurious leather interior will surely make up for it. Finished in the delightful and rare Verde Pallido, this 1972 Espada S2 is now looking for its fourth owner and remains in outstanding unrestored condition. We can’t think of a better car for a European road trip this summer. 


Automatic head-turner

You would be forgiven for not knowing what this is. Based on an F31 Nissan Leopard, this is a 1990 Autech Zagato Stelvio AZ1, Autech being Nissan’s independent tuning department. Like many JDM cars built under the 280hp gentleman agreement, the Stelvio AZ1 features a fair few more ponies under the bonnet, with its 3 litre turbo V6 pushing out 320hp. Like many of Zagato’s creations during the 90s, the appearance is certainly wild. The NACA ducts on the wheels and shrouded bonnet-mounted wing mirrors are our personal highlights. This example has barely been driven since it left the factory, and could be the perfect oddball to add to your collection.


Take a look at our five Market Finds in more detail below: