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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

This week’s Market Finds includes a host of design icons, and one special Formula 3 car. Whether your cuisine of choice is Italian, German, British, or racing fuel, we have found five collector cars to suit you.

Sixty and still got it

This year Jaguar celebrates the 60th anniversary of the car that even Enzo Ferrari admitted was the most beautiful to ever grace the roads. Why not celebrate by adding this gorgeous 1962 Series 1 E-Type fixed head coupe to your drive? Equipped with the smaller and lighter 3.8 litre inline-six, and benefitting from a recent restoration that included that addition of 4 piston front brakes, this Jag is arguably the one to have if your plan is to hit the roads rather than the concours greens. In either setting, the purity of the Series 1 bodywork and gorgeous dark green paint will be sure to turn heads. 


Just a footballer’s car

While the Bentley Continental is arguably the car most favoured by professional footballers, the baby Lambo didn’t exactly escape the association, which is exactly what this is. However, if a footballer is going to pop up on the ownership history, it may as well be David Beckham, who owned this car during his time at Real Madrid. This 2004 Gallardo features Lamborghini’s glorious V10 and has covered just 3,853 miles since it left the factory in Bologna. Thankfully, it seems to have escaped unscathed from its previous owner’s famous proficiency for bending, and certainly looks the part with its combination of Tricolore stripe and Grigio Altair paint. 


Targa treat

If the unveiling of the new GT3 Touring has you craving a P car of your own, then this delightful 1970 911 Targa certainly deserves a spot on your shopping list. Having covered just under 50,000 miles, and at half the price of GT3 Touring, this Metallic blue example looks as good as new having just undergone a high quality restoration. Park this up next to almost any subsequent car to wear the Porsche Crest and the newer car will likely go unnoticed. After all, even within the hallowed halls of 911 history, the Targa is a design icon in its own right. 


TVR’s troublemaker

A couple weeks ago, we presented you with a Wiesmann GT, and postulated that it could be the thinking man’s TVR. This week we thought it only fair to include a candidate from the other corner, and what better than a purple Cerbera. Featuring a monstrous 4.5 litre V8 that delivers 420 deranged ponies via a rather old school chassis, this Cerbera will surely deliver fright and delight in equal measure. With just 28,242 miles on the clock, this Cerbera is looking for someone brave to add a few more. 


Senna’s ticket to the races

It’s almost inconceivable that there was a time when Senna’s racing career might have never even made it to Formula 3. However, in late 1982, with his family intent on him joining the family business, it looked like Ayrton was never going to race again. That is until Dick Bennetts rang and offered him a seat in Surrey Racing’s Ralt RT3 #291, this exact car. On November 13th 1982 Senna arrived at Thruxton and, never having driven an F3 car before, promptly defeated 1982 F3 champion Tommy Byrne, and secured his spot for the 1983 F3 season. As they say, the rest is history.