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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

A German, an Italian, an English chap, and two Japanese people walk into a bar... It could be a great joke, but this is serious. These are Classic Driver's five cars you need to add to your garage this week!

Full of integrity

Is there another car from the last 25 years that captures the current mood for engaging, lightweight sports cars like the original Honda Integra? Thinner glass, thicker anti-roll bars, lightened wheels and minimal sound deadening meant this fire cracking 104bhp per litre is a phenomenal driving experience. This 1998 example is a European specification car with 64,800kms. Prices are only going north on these!


Just add a Hawaiian shirt

The 1980s TV show Magnum P.I. was made famous by Tom Selleck’s Ferrari 308. But, we shouldn’t forget the ‘Island Hoppers’ Volkswagen van that matched the helicopter. This 1984 homage is a fun recreation with a naughty secret, under the hood is a 3.0 Porsche 911 SC engine! Is this the ultimate road trip vehicle? Cheaper than the official Porsche-powered vans used for Dakar, but just the same level of fun.


The perfect life on the Azur

Built for use in France by Roger Vadim Plemiannikov and his wife - Hollywood starlet Jane Fonda. This gorgeous long nose Ferrari 275 GTB in Azzuro over Nero has us dreaming of salty sea air and late-night drives back from dinner along the Côte d'Azur. The 275 GTB is still relatively good value compared to some of its V12 relations. Presented exactly as it was to Roger in 1966, this is as perfect as driving experiences get.


Mellow Yellow

Giugiaro’s gorgeous wedge of Norfolk metal has aged fantastically well. While the looks might suggest Italian supercar performance, the lightweight mid-engined Lotus, was powered by a relatively docile 2-litre four-cylinder engine. That said, the car weighed under 1000kg, sticking to Colin Chapman’s ‘performance through light weight’ mantra. This 1977 example is from the second year of production and has covered just 30,081kms in its 44 year, life. Time to start adding the miles on to this ‘70s icon.


You say Samurai, we say Samuri!

Where the Toyota 2000 GT failed to put Japan on the map as a sports car builder the Datsun 240Z succeeded. Sold in large volumes with many going to the USA the 240Z was a great success. The Samuri Motor Company modified the cars in period and the trademark ‘red over roots’ colour is synonymous with Samuri. It’s not a spelling mistake, the word Samurai had already been trade marked! This 1974 car has had a full ‘nut and bolt’ restoration and is listed on the Samuri register.