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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

A banana coloured Volvo, two green Italians, a menacing race car and a Land Rover that you can pretty much live in. It must be this weeks top five cars form the Classic Driver Market.

The other Dino

In the late 1960’s Ferrari and Fiat agreed to build their own Dinos to house the alloy Ferrari V6 engine original penned by Enzo’s son Alfredo. The Fiat Dino spider clearly has some very Ferrari esque touches thanks to the work of Pininfarina. This example was in single ownership for 51 years and is presented in its original colour of Verde Scuro with a tan interior. For many the perfect colour combination for a beautiful Italian car.


The great escape

While international travel continues to be limited, why not back a few bags and set off into your own countryside. This 2019 Cooolnvintage, Land Rover 110 would be the perfect vehicle to head ‘off-grid’ for a week and fully appreciate the world we live in. The 300Tdi diesel engine will keep you going far off the beaten track while the roof top tent, 42 litre water tank and shower arm will ensure you can get a good night’s sleep and freshen up in the morning.


The green screamer

Widely regarded as the last of the ‘classic’ looking Ferrari models, the F355 makes for a fantastic road car. The howl from the naturally aspirated V8 engine under load is something everyone should experience in their life. To fully appreciate the noise though, the targa roofed GTS offers the iconic coupé shape with enough air flow to really enjoy the Maranello supplied soundtrack. This example is offered for sale in Verde Zeltweg, the connoisseurs choice over the traditional Rosso and comes with the essential manual gearbox.


Better Make Way!

Those iconic quad headlights bearing down on you in the rear mirror, tell you that you have been successfully hunted down by a 1980s BMW. The 635 Csi is the grand-daddy of them all, notable for its success as a Group A race car and the ultimate executive company car during the mid-80s. This 1981 example is a fine recreation of the rare Group 2 variant. With a 340bhp dry sump engine, Getrag Sport gearbox and that wide track body work this is a fearsome sight out on track. Supplied with recent race history and its FIA Historic Technical Passport this is a great way to enjoy historic motorsports.


When Volvos were bananas

In April 1994 two Volvo 850 estate cars lined up at Thruxton circuit for the start of the British Touring Car Championship. Built by TWR the cars did a huge amount for the perception of Volvo in the UK and Europe. This 1995 Volvo 850 T5-R in cream yellow may have been to the moon and back (350,000kms) but thanks to a recent respray the car presents in good condition and is a rare sight on the roads. Even today the performance figures are perfectly adequate to have plenty of fun or to fill up the boot for a week away.