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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

Five focused cars that deserve to be driven. Whether it's a rare stock car Ford Torino IMSA racer, or a stunning 993 GT2 in the perfect specification, all these cars have been built for purpose. So, let's get out and drive while we still can.

Rare and exotic super saloon

The original Aston Martin Lagonda was a big hit in the Middle East, and in 2015 when the Lagonda Taraf was announced with a focus towards its Middle East clients it caused quite a stir. Exceptional styling from the renowned team headed up by Marek Reichman and a production run that is considered to be less than 60, this is as exclusive as VIP, luxury cars get. This example is believed to be the last car built and has less than 100 miles to its name. 540bhp, an 8-speed automatic gearbox and supercar performance, the Lagonda Taraf is a force to be reckoned with.

Clint Eastwood can eat your dust

While an angry Clint Eastwood is dealing with tricky neighbours stealing his Gran Torino, you don’t need to worry about any such issues with this thoroughbred Ford Torino racer that is exactly as it rolled of the circuit at Daytona in 1976. Built to conform to a new class setup by IMSA and the FIA to allow stock cars to race this is a slice of history that would have also seen action in France if John Holman of the race team, Holman Moody had not unexpectedly passed away.  An interesting and rare slice of motorsport history that needs to be seen in action once more.

A German unicorn

Just 172 road-going 993 GT2s were produced to satisfy Porsche’s intention to go racing with the 993 turbo. The RWD, 430bhp GT2 is a special sight. The riveted arches, three-piece Speedline alloys and huge rear wing demand your attention, but, getting behind the wheel of a GT2 is even more attention grabbing. This glorious Polar Silver example is now available with DK Engineering and presented in its purest form with radio delete, a/c delete and manual windows. Perfect.

Makes hens teeth look common

When did you last see a Lotus Esprit X180R? Yeah, we hadn’t heard of it either. But thanks to the team at Curated we now know that we need one in the Classic Driver garage. Built for racing purposes, just 20 road going cars were made for the US market. In the UK a derivative of the X180R would be badged the Sport 300. This fine one-owner example has never been raced and has 499 miles on the odometer. It’s time this road racer saw some action.

All that glitters is black and gold

The Ferrari 308 sat in the shadows of its more famous relations for a long time. At one-point the fibreglass bodied cars were completely unwanted, and yet today they are commanding more than any other 308 model. This 1980 308 GTS just looks perfect in black with contrasting gold, Group 4 style wheels. Just enough power to be fun, not enough power to really get you in trouble with the authorities. At €76,500 is the Ferrari 308 a bit of a lightweight bargain in a market of heavyweights?