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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

Cars should make you smile and this week’s five collector cars from the Classic Driver Market all brightened up a dull day in the office – we think they could do the same for you.

If January was a colour

Canna di Fucile perfectly represents the general mood of the world right now. But it’s also one of the most beautiful colours when applied to a Ferrari, especially one like this 1997 F355 manual with contrasting dark red interior. It seems there’s no colour that doesn’t look fantastic on Ferrari’s modern classic. This example also has just 32,500km on the clock, and that all-important Capristo exhaust.


Open-air Italian disco

We’d love to be outside dancing as the sun rises on the Italian coast right now, but we can’t, so instead we’ve fallen in love with one of Carrozzeria Touring’s finest creations. Just seven examples of the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante were made, and this is number seven. Having covered only 3,530km from new and with bespoke luggage, this Alfa is ready to party.


The unsung hero

It went unloved for so long, and yet every time you see a Porsche 914 on film – sun-drenched on the coastal highways of California – you want one. This car is the more desirable 914/6 featuring the 2.0-litre 911 T engine. Prices now represent that growing desire for these cars and they’ll only continue going up in value.


German time capsule

The E9 BMW is one of the German brand’s most beautiful creations and this unrestored 25,000km example surely has to be one of the finest available. So many cars have rotted away or been turned into ‘Batmobile’ race cars that it’s refreshing to see a CSi Coupe looking factory-fresh with no modifications. Your friends will be green with envy!


The fly catcher

Just three F&M Specials were made in period by Lancia team manager Cesare Fiorio and racer and development driver Claudio Maglioli. Claudio had seen the success of similar-bodied cars racing in the US and wanted to create a Lancia that could be entered in GT racing. This homage looks to be very well built and will no doubt be a lot of fun on your favourite roads. Just wear goggles and don’t open your mouth too wide when driving!