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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

There’s no let off the accelerator this January, the Classic Driver Market is already buzzing, here are our top five cars to check out this week.

Your friends will be green with envy

A BMW M1 in green with just 65,000kms on the odometer, that was the story of this car when its second owner purchased the car. A five-year restoration took place and since then this car has covered just 350km. We sometimes wonder if green has had its day on cars, then a car like this comes along and it just looks perfect. This won’t be for sale for long.


Eddie Irvine approved

Eddie is very vocal about his love for the quirky little Aston Martin Cygnet, in fact he has two and with good reason. The quality of finish, the quietness and the ease of parking are all plus points for this slightly crazy moment in Aston Martin’s history. This 2011 red example perhaps won’t be breaking any lap times, but it will never look out of place on the streets of Monte-Carlo and you will always get a parking space. Food for thought!


What’s cooler than a Land Rover?

Well, we think a Porsche slate grey reimagined Toyota FJ40 is. American fashion designer Todd Snyder had this car completely restored with the FJ Company adding neat modern touches throughout and a sympathetic interior that doesn’t look out of place. Powered by a 4.5 litre straight-six engine from a Land Cruiser, this FJ goes as well as it looks.


Rare Italian meat

Seeing a white 360 Challenge Stradale makes you think, have I ever seen a white 360 before? Why didn’t they make more in white, it is our new favourite colour for a 360CS, and this example for sale with DK Engineering is as good as it gets.  With just over 2000km from new, no body stripe and the iconic Lexan sliding windows, this Challenge Stradale is absoloute perfection.


Cooler than ice cool

While every other desirable car from the 1980s continues to treble in value, the Maserati Biturbo remains incredibly affordable. What we are looking at here is a manual, twin turbo V6 with over 200bhp that you can buy for under £20,000. This metallic black example is as cool as they get, perhaps even add some black wheels for the ultimate midnight look?