5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

Oh, how much we love cars! We just can’t help it! Every morning, over our first cup of coffee, we browse the Classic Driver Market to see what’s new. Of the countless flirts from the last seven days, here are our favourites – the cars that we would let into our lives without thinking twice.

Alejandro De Tomaso’s debut car

Presented at the 1963 Turin Motor Show as Alejandro De Tomaso’s first production car, the De Tomaso Vallelunga already hinted at the remarkable talent of the young Argentinian racing driver and constructor. The two-door coupe-style body was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro (with some similarities to the Ferrari 250 LM or the Dino 206), while the modest 1.5 litre Ford Cortina engine under the hood produced 135 hp. Unfortunately, the Vallelunga – that cost 3.5 million lire, more than half of a Ferrari Berlinetta – was no commercial success. Only 53 cars were built, and not more than 20 have survived until this day. This 1967 Vallelunga is currently for sale with Historic Cars in Paris – and we cannot wait to see it on the street. 

A stealth Porsche 911 GT3 RS for F.O. Porsche

Turning a standard Carrera into a GT3 lookalike with extensive body tuning is a classic move. However, this Porsche 911’s first owner – a certain Dr. Ferdinand Oliver Porsche, son of F.A. Porsche – did exactly the opposite when he had his understated, oak green 991 Carrera 4S Convertible equipped with the mighty 500 hp engine and gearbox of the GT3 RS by the tuning company MTM. According to the seller, the special conversion and the modifications necessary to match the racing gearbox with the 4wd architecture cost F.O. Porsche an additional 270k euros on top of the price of the 911. And while the Porsche family’s special commissions are always highly desired by collectors worldwide, this stealth Carrera Convertible that is now offered for sale on Classic Driver – and its coupe sibling that is still out there somewhere – might be considered to be the spiritual ancestors of the GT3 Touring. 

Spanish Muscle

If you are on the hunt for the rare and unusual, the Classic Driver Market is the place to search. And this car might be exactly what you have been looking for: In the early 1970s, the Barcelona-based coachbuilder Pedro Serracreated a remarkable Spanish muscle car based on the Dodge Dart. The Dodge 3700 GT Boulevard, as the 2+2 coupe was called, sported a wide, long-bonneted fiberglas body that reminds us of the Lamborghinis of the 1970s and was powered by a 225 Slant Six 3.7-litre engine with 165 hp. Between 20 and 25 cars were manufactured in 1972 and 1972 – this car is one of the few that has survived. Head over to Catawiki to make your bid before 20 December.  

Alpina dreams

Unmolested Alpinas are hard to find – but this car seems to be a collectors’ dream come true: Unrestored and in original condition, with only one owner from new and 78.000 kilometres on the clock, this 1982 Alpina B7 S Turbo Coupé might be one of the most desirable examples currently on the market. Give the seller Jan Jansen a call – or browse his stock for even more remarkable BMW classics. 

Blu Pozzi GTS

We are Berlinetta lovers and would always order our Ferraris with a closed roof just for the purity of the silhouette, but we must confess: This open-top Ferrari 812 GTS in historical ‘Blu Pozzi’ paint over ‘Terra Bruciata’ simply looks stunning! ‘This Ferrari has an incredible list of options valued at almost 70.000 euros’, says Wim prins, who is offering the car on Classic Driver. ‘Name one carbon part – side skirts, rear lower bumper, diffusor, front lip spoiler, inserts around the grille – and this supercar has it!’ We are particularly fond of the black tailpipes, perfectly matching the dark carbon surroundings.