5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

Whether you want a six-wheeled Mercedes G-Class to intimidate everyone else on the road, a box-fresh McLaren Speedtail or a Ferrari Testarossa that’s been cherished by a single owner, our latest selection from the Classic Driver Market has got you covered…

When too much is not enough 

Before Mercedes-AMG decided to offer it to mere mortals (very wealthy mere mortals, admittedly, but mere mortals nonetheless), the socking great six-wheeled G-Class was only available for the Australian military – burly men who wash the red Outback dust from their throats with whisky. Only a very small number of the 544HP civilian versions were built, of which this one-owner example is one. If you’re fed up of being dwarfed by SUVs on your commute or simply want a car that will go anywhere without so much as raising an eyebrow, we can’t recommend the G63 AMG 6x6 enough. 

Box fresh and beautiful 

We could argue about whether the McLaren Speedtail is a worthy successor to the fabled F1 until the cows come home. Less up for debate is the theatre and beauty of the three-seater hyper-GT’s wind-cheating carbon-fibre body. Remarkably, one of the 106 Speedtails poised to leave the McLaren factory has just emerged for sale on Classic Driver. It baffles us that someone was willing to spend 600,000 US dollars on optional extras only to never drive the car, but who are we to judge? One man’s loss is another’s gain. To the next owner, good luck trying to parallel park the thing. 

A 34-year love affair 

Here’s an automotive unicorn if ever we’ve seen one: this rare single-mirror Ferrari Testarossa has had just one owner and covered a mere 24,000 miles since it left the factory in 1986. What’s more, it’s been maintained by a single well-respected Ferrari specialist for its entire life. The heady days of 2015 when Testarossas were fetching record prices at seemingly every auction are long gone, but as a long-term proposition, we reckon this beautifully original right-hand-drive car has a stronger future than most. 

High praise

While listening to a well-known automotive podcast recently, we discovered that Gordon Murray, the hallowed designer of the McLaren F1 and, more recently, the T.50, daily drives an Alpine A110. That’s high praise indeed from a man who is commonly held as the finest automotive engineer of all time and who places the utmost importance on driver feel and involvement. This Première Edition of the lightweight Gallic sports car shows just 4,400km on the clock. It’s also in the right colour: Alpine Blue Metallic. 

Vertigo Blue 

Do you remember the hype when the Aston Martin DB9 was revealed? It’s miraculous that what was then considered the most beautiful new car in the world today flies completely under the radar, at least in our opinion. That’s probably down to the fact that most DB9s were specified in nondescript greys or blacks, which is why this Vertigo Blue example from 2005 caught our attention. Its bold exterior hue is complemented by a Falcon Grey leather interior along with the bamboo veneer. A tidy example that’s covered just 27,000 miles, it’s very attractively priced at just 40,000 euros. Tempted? 

Photos: FK Group SA, Tomini Classics, Duncan Hamilton ROFGO, L’Art de L’Automobile, Aston Martin Works Newport Pagnell