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10 unabashedly luxurious barges for modern hatchback money

To many, any car with more than two seats or two doors is a ‘family car’ — instantly losing their ‘cool factor’. But to those few in the know, sometimes bigger is actually better, especially when they can be had for sub-£30k…

While saloons, hatchbacks, and SUVs may lack the speed of a sports car, they make up for it in legroom, headroom, interiors decked out in luxurious materials, and every technological advancement you could think of — and even some that you didn’t even know were possible. From the diamond-quilted, heated leather seats of a Bentley Arnage and the electric memory seats of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class to the 20-inch wheels of a Range Rover and the chrome accents of a Maserati Quattroporte, they seem like the farthest thing from a ‘family car’ out there — and, bonus, they won’t break the bank!

10 luxury barges from the Classic Driver Market