10 bang-for-buck Bentleys that cost less than you think

With these decadent British tourers, the price of entry to the upper echelons of the automotive world is lower than ever, allowing those who take custodianship a slice of the high life for far less than the iconic badge would imply...

Depreciation is a cruel mistress, and while it may scorn the first owner, their loss is everyone else’s gain shortly after. Although the prices of these Bentleys have changed dramatically over time, the fundamental qualities and capabilities have changed far less, and those who know how to spot a good one are laughing from the sumptuous, silent cabins of their cut-price chariots as they drive past the rest of the world in their similarly priced German saloons. From the W12 monster 2000s Continental GT to the Red Label Arnage, and even the Mulliner Park Ward Coupé, there are plenty of options out there that most fail to consider. Until this changes, we’ve chosen 10 options from the Classic Driver Market that are fit for prince and pauper alike…

10 affordable Bentleys from the Classic Driver Market

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USD 30 684
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USD 44 133
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USD 51 116
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