The Canasta Tour Clasico 2005

The Canasta Tour Clasico is a 6 day rally event that takes you through a historical impression of all the riches Spain is famous for - sherry, flamenco, the Spanish horse, white villages, toros, tappas and fantastic weather. Open for participants with cars from 1950 to 1975, there are two editions, one in June and another in November. With the help of a road-book participants will be faced with a different theme every day (and in between 2 regularity sections).

A unique trip where you get to know Andalusia behind the wheel of your classic car.

The organisers offer a Summer Edition in the month of June/July, and an Autumn Edition in November. Both programmes are identical - the only difference will be the colours of the sceneries and the temperature.

The Canasta Tour Clasico 2005 The Canasta Tour Clasico 2005

Every day will have a different theme. Each theme characterizes this part of Spain. A part of Spain that is still authentic and real:

Day 1 - Scrutineering
Day 2 - The Sherry wines
Day 3 - The Spanish Bull
Day 4 - The White Villages
Day 5 - The Jerez Racing Circuit
Day 6 - The Spanish Horse

A touch of competition is included by having 2 regularity sections per day and different special driving programmes. Total distance during the 6 days will be 1,960 km, without counting the Racing Circuit.

Centre of the rally is Jerez de la Frontera (75 km South of Sevilla) where the "Rally Internacional del Sherry" was held from 1972 to 1976. It was then said it was the most challenging and best-prized rally in Europe. With the help of sponsor Bodegas Williams & Humbert, and the Canasta Tour Clásico, the organisers hope to revive this event by using some of the roads, which were used 30 years ago.

No need to pack and unpack everyday as the event is organized in such a way that your home base for this week will be the 5-star Prestige Palmera Plaza.

Participation is limited to vehicles constructed between 1950 and 1975 of all categories and engine capacity. In order to guarantee exclusivity the maximum of cars allowed to particpate is 40 and the minimum 20.

Organized car transport for participants who want to fly down has been arranged. Pick-up and delivery will be at 3 different points in Europe.

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