Bristol Fighter 2003 - more details revealed

Bristol Fighter 2003 - more details revealed "We draw your attention to the fact that the Fighter is an entirely new car. The V-10 engine and transmission have been specially developed to suit Bristol requirements. The rest of the vehicle has been designed "with a clean sheet of paper", to meet the uniquely demanding requirements of a sports car capable of more than 200 miles an hour." - Bristol Cars May 2003.

Price basic - £195,000
VAT 17½ % - £ 34,125

Total UK price - £229,125

Fighter is one of the very few cars ever designed where aerodynamic efficiency has been placed ahead of all other considerations. Innovative design features are shared with aircraft, high-speed missiles and even submarines. The teardrop form of the passenger area ensures the lowest possible lift and drag. It also offers uninterrupted all-round vision whilst the dramatic gullwing doors are an intelligent solution on a sporting car to ensure easy entry and exit even in confined spaces. Supremely elegant but with a steely hint of aggression, the Fighter is a perfect example of the beauty that inevitably results when form exactly follows function.

Bristol does not subscribe to the view that one needs to sacrifice luxury for performance. Although capable of cruising at speeds greater than that of many light aircraft, Fighter still incorporates sybaritic levels of luxury that have long made Bristol cars the first choice for long Continental trips. Superbly contoured leather sports seats cosset drivers from 4' 11" up to 6' 7" tall in an interior that offers ample space to relax in all directions. Handcrafted appointments the equal of any Bristol saloon are to be enjoyed along with the latest in electronic accessories that may be desired.

On the move, Fighter's sophisticated suspension achieves a precise bond with the road while isolating the occupants from tiresome road imperfections. Painstaking acoustical development has distilled the pure sound and feel of a sports car while the tiring elements of road, engine and wind noise have been expunged. The Fighter is perhaps the only car that combines such a hedonistic luxury experience with the inspirational ability of an ultimate two-seater sports car.

With a top speed of approximately 210 miles per hour and acceleration to match, few cars indeed can approach the Fighter's level of performance or indeed its levels of luxury and refinement. Its mighty V-10 power unit responds with startling accuracy to the driver's throttle input in a manner quite unlike conventional high revving or forced induction units. According to the driver's mood the engine can be utterly calm or addictively potent. Should you choose to savour the wrath of the 8 litre V-10 you will find it to be simply one of motoring's great experiences.

Further enhancing driver pleasure is a sophisticated suspension and chassis designed to provide near racing car levels of grip and agility. Excellent chassis control and driver feedback allow enjoyable progress even when road and weather conditions deteriorate. Smaller, more challenging roads emphasise the value of Fighter's unrivalled visibility and uniquely compact external dimensions.



  • All-aluminium V-10 engine is unusually light and compact. Specific output of one horsepower per pound of weight sets a new benchmark for class.
  • Power output of 525 bhp increases further at very high speed due to aerodynamically induced supercharging effect.
  • Maximum speed approximately 210 mph.
  • Excellent traction permits 0-60 mph in approximately 4 secs.
  • Generous torque, high gearing and low drag ensure pleasing fuel economy. Even our "lead-footed" factory test drivers regularly return over 20 mpg.
  • 6-speed, close ratio manual gearbox allows 60 mph in first gear, 100 mph cruising at 2,450 rpm in 6th.
  • Engine produces an effortless flow of torque. Even at tickover there is 350 lb.ft (476 Nm) available.
  • Generous peak torque of 525 lb.ft (714 Nm) is achieved at 4,200 rpm.

  • Immensely strong chassis structure with steel sill boxes and cross members, honeycomb aluminium floors, aluminium torsional bulkheads.
  • Inner structure in aluminium with hand formed aluminium outer body panels to ensure longevity.
  • Carbon fibre doors and tailgate ensure maximum stiffness and contribute to a lower centre of gravity.
  • Massive steel tube rollover structure and safety cage provides advanced levels of passenger protection in a really severe impact.
  • Optional four point racing type seatbelts.
  • As with expensive racing cars, Fighter is built over a steel surface plate enabling each part to be accurately positioned in three dimensions. There is thus none of the build up of tolerances that occur in mass produced and normal hand-built cars
  • Use of aerospace materials and design techniques trim weight to a moderate 1,475 kg (3,310 lb).
  • Electronic tyre pressure monitors and alarms are a standard fitment.

  • Generous accommodation for occupants up to 6'7" tall. Ample electric adjustment for seats and steering wheel makes all sizes comfortable.
  • Boot area accessible from within and without, accommodates luggage for long distance touring or two large golf bags.
  • 23-gallon (105 litre) fuel tank gives touring range in excess of 400 miles. 28.5-gallon (130 litre) tank is optional.
  • In the event of tyre trouble a full sized spare tyre is standard so that you may safely and conveniently continue your journey.
  • Genuinely compact external dimensions make driving in traffic or on challenging smaller roads a pleasure.
  • Panoramic visibility for maximum safety and driving enjoyment.
  • Turning circle rivals most city cars, 100% Ackerman steering geometry avoids unseemly tyre scrub.
  • 8" ground clearance ahead of front wheels and 6" beneath car eliminates possibility of grounding over speed bumps or on steep driveways.

  • Modern and efficient in layout, stylish and elegant in appearance.
  • Extensive aircraft style instrumentation includes oil temperature and pressure, fuel system pressure, outside air temperature and engine hours displays.
  • Compact overhead aircraft-style console houses gauges and switch panel.
  • Special attention to tactile quality of switchgear.
  • Deeply bolstered armchair-type seats provide cosseting comfort with excellent lateral support in fast driving.
  • Excellent oddment space and access to luggage area from within.
  • Latest technology photo luminescent switch panels for glare-free operation at night.
  • Flawless soft hand stitched leather covers the interior surfaces.
  • Leather edge-bound Wilton carpeting with thick sound proofing layers.
  • Stylish gullwing doors make entry and exit a pleasure, especially in confined spaces.

  • Front mid-engine design gives low polar moment of inertia for agile handling response.
  • 52% of weight on rear wheels gives superior traction and braking performance.
  • Unusually low centre of gravity minimises weight transfer and improves roadholding.
  • Fully independent double-wishbone suspension with coil-over racing type dampers for exceptional comfort and control.
  • Steering and suspension set entirely new standards for geometric precision and accuracy.
  • Fuel tank mounted around the centre of gravity to eliminate handling changes as fuel load varies.
  • Wide 285/40 x 18" tyres front and rear on 10" rims generate superb adhesion. Rated for speeds over 200 mph.
  • Every car individually set up to exact specification including adjusting to exact corner weights.
  • Leather edge-bound Wilton carpeting with thick sound proofing layers.
  • Adjustable electronic traction control fitted as standard.

  • Rack and pinion with rapid 2.7 turns lock to lock.
  • Power assistance tailored to owner's individual preference.
  • Unusually low centre of gravity minimises weight transfer and improves roadholding.
  • Electric 4-way adjustable steering column. Unique steering wheel design enhances instrument visibility.
  • Steering mechanism optimised for accuracy and correct feedback.
  • Genuine feel of the road retained in slippery conditions.

  • Front 6-piston callipers with 343 x 32 mm ventilated discs.
  • Rear 4-piston callipers with 343 x 26 mm ventilated discs.
  • Careful thermodynamic design ensures freedom from fade in hard use.
  • Moderate servo assistance ensures progressive response and correct pedal feel.
  • Powerful separate emergency/parking brake callipers on rear.
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