Brigitte Bardot and her Romeo in an Alfa

There’s little to compete with Brigitte Bardot when it comes to stealing the show. But the 1963 film ‘Contempt’, directed by Jean-Luc Godard, offers a surprising rival for 'BB'.

Bardot, in her role as Camille Javal – the wife of scriptwriter Paul Javal, played by Michel Piccoli in his first starring role – is as alluring and sexy as ever; but an Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider in beguiling Rosso Alfa makes it difficult for male fans to focus only on BB’s charms. Perhaps this was why it was thought necessary to add some nude scenes?

Whether the Alfa was ever really serious competition for the great BB, only the viewer can decide. But when, at the end of the film, the movie star says to her film lover, Jack Palance, “Get in your Alfa… Romeo… and I'll show you what I think of you,” everything becomes clear. Or does it?

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Text: J. Philip Rathgen
Photos & Video: Rialto Pictures via Youtube